LORAC cosmetics have always been pretty consistant both in quality and innovation. As a fairly reliable high-end cosmetic company, it is no surprise that the LORAC PRO PALETTE, featuring 16 beautifully-unique shadows, is absolutely amazing. I can’t even count how many people have suggested this specific palette to me, so naturally I had to try it out myself.

First off, the shadow shades are gorgeous and easily complement each other when paired-up and blended. The hues range from a pure white to the deepest black with both shimmered and matte shadows in-between.

These colors are highly pigmented, more than most palettes I have tried. To get the desired color wanted, you don’t need to work hard at all. The color is immediately present and looks particularly vibrant, especially when layered on top of a good eye primer (the palette comes with the LORAC primer though I always use the trusted Urban Decay primer) and white shadow/cream base.

My favorite shades are the shimmered Gold (great when used in the corner of the eye as a highlight), Garnet (particularly good as a under-eye color when applied with a smudge brush) ,Taupe (excellent transition shade when used in the crease of the eye), Mauve (perfect transitional crease shade as well), and Deep Purple (adds dramatic definition when used towards the outward end of the crease).

~ Note: I tend to lean towards more warm gold/ brown shades because of my blue eyes. 

The price of the LORAC PRO runs at about $42, though I have found that if you do a little research you can find this palette for much cheaper. $42 is a good deal for what you’re getting though believe me.

If there is one complaint, I would say that there is a little bit of shadow fall-out when applying the shades. Honestly though, it’s no big thing, and it shouldn’t deter anyone away.

All and all, BUY THIS. TRUST ME.

p.s I am not a spokesperson (haha) I just really dig this palette… a lot.



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