REVIEW: MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Magic Marc’er Precision Pen


Ok, so everyone seems to be wanting the sleek, dramatic cat eye. The cat eye is one of those seemingly intimidating makeup techniques that takes the most practice to master. The key to flawless liner, whether you wish to achieve a cat eye or not, is a quality tool.

MARC JACOBS Magic Marc’er Precision Pen, developed in Japan, and quickly gaining an insane amount of popularity, has got to be one of the easiest liquid liner pens I have ever used.

The Magic Marc’er Precision Pen is mirrored after a traditional calligraphy pen, used to beautifully draw both thick and thin lines. The tip is narrow at the end, enabling you to glide your perfect line onto any shaped eye, and the liner is a nice, rich gloss, shimmered in a deep, opaque shade. OH!, and this ink lasts forever and doesn’t smudge. 

The pen is easy to handle, just like any thin marker you might draw on paper. The fact that the Magic Marc’er  is not awkwardly shaped creates a light ease when handling, making this particular pen very unique.

My one complaint about the pen? The felt tip.

Felt has a tendency to fray ever so slightly. If the tip is fringed in the tiniest way, your liner becomes a little less accurate.

Note: I have had my pen for about 3 months now and have had to take mini scissors to spruce up the tip, but it still works amazingly and the ink has yet to run dry. 

My recommendation would be to purchase this pen, it is really worth it.

The average price of the pen is $30, I picked mine up at my local SEPHORA. 




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