MARCH FAVORITES feat. Laura Mercier, NARS, MakeUp Forever, Dior & Bobbi Brown


I’m going to whip through this March Favorites post because I have quite a lot of mentionable products this month…

I am a big believer in investing in quality cosmetics and not necessarily quantityI look for products that are consistently reliable, produced with earth and body- friendly ingredients, as well as do what they are intended to do (that is provide you with a flawless finished look). So here’s a little run-off of what I’ve been feelin’ this month.

#1 I’m going to start of with my all- time favorite blush brush, the Bobbi Brown blush brush. Now this is a serious investment tool, running at around $52, but here’s why I highly recommend it:

1.) Natural application: the B.B blush brush, because of its rounded, dense, ultra-soft bristles, provides the most natural- looking blush application. Additionally, they are cut at the perfect angle, allowing for absolute precision.

2.) Quality construction: this brush will LAST FOREVER. Between its glossy wood handle, to the bristles described above, this brush will keep its shape and ultimately (with proper care of course) could very well last you a lifetime.

3.) Good reputation: This brush is not only award-winning but comes from one of the most credited cosmetic companies, NARS. Many have suggested this brush to me in the past and all the raving reviews prove true.

#2 The Blush brush leads me perfectly in to my favorite blush of the moment, NARS’ deep throat (yes, the name is a little suggestive- most NARS’ blushes are haha i.e Orgasm- another one of my favorites). 

NARS, as voiced above, is a pretty renound makeup company that provides some of the best blushes in particular. I use deep throat because it compliments my skin tone as I am very pale with a slight pink undertone.

If you do not have a similar skin tone as me, don’t fear! NARS will have the perfect shade for you- you will discover that their vast blush collection can work with every skin tone imaginable.

NARS blushes usually run at about $30.


Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder is so fantastic, so versatile, so… so… PERFECT.

As you know, I have fairly pale skin, so naturally, I need a tame-ish bronzer if I want to contour my face. I bought the Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder in the color Sunlight, which is a more natural- bronze mixture, though if you have a darker skin tone you can choose to get the powder in the deeper Sunset shades.

The versatility of this bronzer is one of the main reasons why I love it so much. I not only use the bronzer as a contouring shade, but I also often apply it on the crease of my eye as a warm-tone natural shadow. Applying this bronzer as a crease shadow greatly helps blend out any pigment with ease.

Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder retails at $55, and lasts a long time. I have had mine for about 6 months, use it everyday, and have yet to hit pan on it.


MakeUp Forever Pro-Finish Powder

It is an absolute essential to have a decent finishing powder in any makeup kit and my choice for this month has been the M.U.F.E pro- finish, mainly because of its full-coverage.

If you want a lighter, translucent powder, I wouldn’t necessarily go for the pro-finish. I always like a more full-coverage look (that’s just my preference), but don’t confuse full-coverage with cake-y. The powder comes on very naturally and when applied in a moderate amount, really does the job.

(Note: depending on what brush you use depends on the amount of powder you wish to apply. Typically, a fluffier brush will provide you with a lighter look) 

The MakeUp Forever Pro-Finish Powder is sold at about $36 and comes in 20 colors for all skin-tones.


Last but not least, I must include the Laura Mercier duo Secret Camouflage concealer.

This has literally been the only concealer I have been using this whole year. It has two main parts to it: a concealer and a highlight concealer. It provides an amazing full-coverage and is color- customizable.

I currently have the concealer in the color fair to light tones and it completely hides any unwanted blemish and dark circle.

Incredible, incredible product. A must have.

Retail price: ~ $32.

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