REVIEW: BOBBI BROWN Metallic eyeshadows


Hi there friends,

This is going to be a fairly brief review of the Bobbi Brown metallic shadows, all of which I’ll just say are flat-out sensational.

Five-shimmered shadows compose this little metal-flacked quintet: Burnt Sugar, Champagne Quartz, Cognac (my personal favorite) and Velvet Plum. 

Besides the consistent quality of really all Bobbi Brown products, I have found that these five shadows provide a unique metallic shimmer, different from that you might find in a palette like Urban Decay.

The shimmer is sleeker, the formula is highly- pigmented, and the result after application is beautiful as the metal shimmer perfectly reflects on natural light.

As I wrote before, my favorite shade out of the bunch is Cognac ( first shadow, 2nd row- pictured above)  It’s a deep, mahogany- plum color that is very rich and long-lasting. The fact that it comes off as both a purple and brown tone makes this particular shade workable for any eye color.

Note: I usually apply cognac with my SMASHBOX crease brush and sweep the shade outwards at the end of my eyelid, adding a little more depth to the blended-out eye. 

All of these metallics are wonderful (not just Cognac), as you’ll find that it is easy to get the desired effect with anyone of these shades. They are completely versatile for both day and night looks because they can look both light/airy and dramatic (for that “femme fatale” look as I like to say). 

Each shade comes in a little, square compact and retails for about $22.

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