BEAUTÉ HAUL feat. Givenchy, Hourglass, MakeUp Forever, Bumble & Bumble, Origins & more


I’m feeling pretty good tonight because I am now the proud owner of some much sought- after items I’ve wanted for a long time. I’m going to try to review all these items at some point and share with all of you guys my opinion of each of these lovely products (hopefully they’re as good as they look).

I went to three main stores today for products including Urban Outfitters, Sephora (of course), and Beauty Supply Plus. 

Let’s start the smallest item I got: Rose Petal, Peony & Bergamot Perfume Oil by True Fragrance & Beauty LLC


I bought this at Urban Outfitters and was immediatly drawn to the uniqueness of the purfume as it had real, dried roses inside its bottle. I had never heard of True Fragrance & Beauty LLC before but I was so drawn to the rare appearance of the oil, so I had to try it.

The smell is like a musty, floral scent that is actualy pretty subtle (which I look for in fragrances).

The oil is applied by a small roller and the scent seems to last a few hours. So far, I really like this product, but I’ll be sure to let you know if my opinion changes.

Next, I traveled to Beauty Supply Plus where I picked up a few hair products. I haven’t mentioned this in any of my previous blogs, but I am an avid Wen user, those hyped products by notorious hair- stylist Chaz Dean.

Though I use many Wen products, I like to add new items frequently. With that being said, I chose a few Macadamia products to heal my hair ( I’m trying to grow my hair out so it tends to get extremely dry).  I purchased the Deep Repair Mask as well as a Healing Oil Spray to product against heat. I’ve heard good things about both of these so we shall see.

In addition, I bought the Bumble & Bumble thickening spray for limp- hair days for extra- volume. I tried it tonight and fell in love already, as I got immediate results. I actually have fairly thick hair but who doesn’t want a little extra- volume now and again? Everyone could use this spray at some point no matter what texture your hair is.


Now for the MAJOR FUN PART:



I got some amazing items and I am so excited to test run them tomorrow morning.

First off, I got the Givenchy shadow 72: Midnight Look, which consists of four beautiful sparkle and matte shades. This is a total splurge but oh my god, you should really see the pigment on these- it is truly unmatched. Plus, you basically have a whole eye look on the go- a base shade, blending shade, lid shade, and defining, darker shade. It’s the perfect quartet.

Next, an old favorite: MakeUp Forever HD foundation (118). By now, this foundation has gotten so much publicity, I’m sure every makeup addict has heard of this/ used it. The coverage is flawless and the price is actually reasonable. I already know that I love this product, I get it time and time again.

Additionally, I got a charcoal face mask from Origins. I was looking for a good, natural mask that wasn’t too pricy. I knew that Origins was a reliable company and so I picked it up… why not. I try to do a mask at least twice a week, especially after a long day of wearing any amount of cosmetics.

Lastly, I picked up an Hourglass translucent, illuminating powder in Ethereal Light. The Hourglass brand has really blown up over the past few months, I can’t even believe it. Basically, the whole display of Hourglass products were picked over in Sephora. I was lucky enough to get this powder, as there were only two left in the whole store.

I really can’t wait to check out the formula of this powder and its effects. I always love a more illuminated, skin look so I’m sure this powder with do just fine.

In addition to the powder, I had my heart set of the Hourglass blushes that are so crazy- cool looking, but unfortunately all were sold out, so I had to go online.

Image IMG_8868 < POWDER

I mean, just LOOK AT IT. Oh, and I just checked online at Sephora, and nearly half of these particular blushes are sold out. I mean, come on, they just have to be good.

Allright, so that concludes my main purchases at Sephora, but WAIT! I’m V.I.B ROUGE (which is a fancy way of saying I go there too often). The perks of getting this status though are the FREE GIFTS! (Plus!, today was a special 15% off all purchases for ROUGE members only 😉 mmhmm)

So here’s some free goods I got: Image

Caviar CC cream, Sephora brand deep red polish, HourGlass Primer sample (which I just asked for- you don’t need to be V.I.B), Big- Easy Benefit oil to powder foundation, and a Lancome mascara!

I’ll let you know if any of these items stand out specifically with reviews/ makeUp Gem blog posts!

Let me know if you have any more requests!

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