NATURAL BEAUTY: The Benefits of Coconut Oil


It is crucial to treat yourself well by giving your body proper nourishment. One of the best ways to heal your hair/ skin from outside elements is by using earth and body friendly products. Remember, what ever goes on your skin, goes in your skin. (& same with hair!) Why soak your skin/hair in harsh, unnatural chemicals when the earth provides you with some of the most amazing, usable resources?

My mom, who is incredibly interested into organic healing, turned me onto the amazing possibilities of Coconut oil (an edible harvested oil taken from a coconut palm (Cocos nucifera)). Now there are hundreds of uses for Coconut oil for health, cleaning, cooking, you name it, but I’m going to focus on how this magic oil can be used in beauty.


Deep Conditioner: 

Heat a few spoonfuls of coconut oil until the oil is a nice, gooey, liquid. Then, apply the hot oil onto your hair as a pre-shampoo treatment and leave in for about 20 minutes.

If you choose to go a step further, you can leave the coconut oil in your hair for several hours (Just make sure you pull your hair up in a high-bun with some sort or wrap around it)

The oil will provide you with a soothing, deep- repair mask. Perfect for any hair type- Particularly good use to heal dry/ fried hair!

Tip: By moisturizing the oil deep into your scalp, you can greatly reduce the amount of dandruff!

Leave-In Conditioner:

I frequently use coconut oil as a leave-in moisturizer. All you have to do is apply a very small amount to the ends of your wet hair, right after cleansing.

Tip: You can also use this leave- in conditioner as a way to tame frizz and split ends! Once hair is dry, just take a dime- sized amount and smooth it in through the ends of your hair.



I found this super- simple recipie online for the ultimate coconut lotion, all using natural products

Here is the link:

Massage Oil:

For a nice, hydrating oil to use after a bath/shower, all you have to do is heat up the coconut oil (1-2 dollops should do the trick)

Body Scrub:

I do this one ALL THE TIME. Just mix a 1/2 cup of coconut oil with a few spoonfuls of salt or sugar (acts as the exfoliator) and your choice of essential oil (I love using lavender the best).

Note: you can choose to add essential oils to any of the lotion or oil recipes 

Rosemary Herb Essence

Shaving Cream:

It’s so easy- just lather some of the oil onto your skin. That’ll do the trick (though I prefer to use the body scrub which has a natural exfoliant in it).

Lip Balm:

I use Coconut oil on my lips constantly. You just take a little bit on the tip of your finger and rub into the lips. Not only does it heal dry lips, but it even makes lip stick/gloss/stain last even longer!

Anti- itch Aid:

If you put a little dollup on irritated skin, I can assure you it will clear up in no time at all. This is especially helpful for bug- bites!



A little Coconut oil + baking soda goes a looooooooong way. Not only is it an organic cleanser, but is also incredibly whitening.

Breath Freshener:

Being both anti-fungal and antibacterial , swishing about a tablespoon of coconut oil for 20 minutes can freshen breath and greatly decrease bad bacteria in the mouth!


Cuticle Cream:

A little pinch of coconut oil, rubbed into cuticles, can provide one of the best manicures. It is better than most cuticle oils sold.


Coconut oil can be purchased in most stores, prices range but it is relatively inexpensive. A tub might cost anywhere from $8- $20. 

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  1. I finally got to check out your site. Super impressive info & I loved that you gave your Mom a mention! Paula Q (from Micro).

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