M.O.T.D: Mermaid Eyes


Going along with my previous M.O.T.D look (i.e spring pop of color), I have decided to play with colors once again, creating this oceanic- mermaid eye look featuring rich aquatic colors (pictured below).

Here are the products I choose to use for this dramatic, spring look, but just remember you don’t need the exact ones I use, they are just mere suggestions.




NYX Shimmer liner: Aqua Green

MakeUp Forever Blue Aqua Liner

Laura Mercier Shadow: Topaz

Dior Nude Bronzer

Sephora White Pencil

Urban Decay eye- primer (original)

Lorac eyeshadow (Pro Palette): creme


Brushes used:


Smashbox crease brush

Bobbi Brown eye- sweep brush

Sephora Pro smudge brush


I tried to simplify these steps as much as possible to make them short and sweet. 


Step 1: Prime eye using finger until lid is lightly coated (here is where you should also make sure brows are shaped/ defined to your liking)


Step 2: Using a sweeping eye brush, liberally apply a base color. I choose to use a creme- colored shadow, but other nude colors like champagne are perfectly fine.


Step 3: Using a nice, able crease brush, lightly apply the bronzer shade throughout your entire crease of the eye, following your natural bone. This step is crucial as the red/brown, warm- tone of the bronzer allows for blending perfection.


Step 4: with the same crease brush, gradually add the Topaz shadow from the outer lid just to the middle of your crease, adding slight definition.


*Note: The eyeshadow is pretty mild and neutral for this look because the liner is so uniquely dramatic


Step 5: crease a cat eye of medium thickness over the lid with a darker blue liquid liner, winging out the ends ever so slightly

Step 6: Add a shimmery teal liner on the lower lash line, dragging it out slightly. (I used the NYX liner because the formula is so creamy, I absolutely love it) Note: You can use a smudge brush to help drag the liner a bit more as well under the eye.  

Step 7: Add mascara, curl lashes and add a slight highlight to the brow bone and inner corners of the eye for added effect.



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