May Favorites feat. NARS, L’OCCITANE, NEST & BOBBI BROWN (+ BONUS Givenchy/ Dior)

Hello Again!,

I am officially done with school now and I am excited to say I only have two short years of college left. With all the chaos this month has brought, (moving back home etc.), I haven’t been able to post as much as I wanted to but NOW I am starting my summer off right by writing once more.

My birthday is coming up in just about two weeks now and I’m preparing to have a rather large beauty haul to share with you guys- so stay tuned! For now, I’m going to do a quick and simple May Favorites with a BONUS May DUDS (i.e products that I think are not as sufficient as they should be).

First though, MAY FAVORITES.


ImagePrice~ $39

The new NARS MATTE MULTIPLE has gotten an extreme amount of hype lately, being the first blush/ lip duo NARS has developed so naturally, I had to see if all the talk actually held some truth.

Turns out, this product is pretty incredible. This multi- purpose makeup-stick comes in 6 gorgeous, modern colors (shown below- I purchased the creamy peach/pink shade, Anguilla). The formula is creamy and like the tittle states, matte.


Additionally, I really like the staying power of the formula, especially on the cheeks. The versatility of this product though is really what brings the consumer in, being both a blush and lip- stick.

The negatives?

Well for one, I always find it a little difficult applying a matte shade to my lips. Though the formula is decent, matte lip products tend to crack easily so just make sure you moisturize your lips beforehand.

Another minor downside to this product is it’s packaging. Though it looks cute and sleek, I have heard that the stick tends to fall out (luckily this hasn’t happened to me though).

Note: these negatives should not deferr anyone from not at least trying the MATTE MULTIPLE. It’s such a handy- little product, perfect for a travel bag as it can save you room from carrying extra blush/ lipstick.


Image Price ~ $40/ 3.4 fl. oz

L’OCCITANE, having a reputation as a luxurious, French bath & body company, proves to have some of the most divine products on the market. I recently tried the Almond Body Oil and of course, je suis tombée amoureuse with this body product.

The oil provides a light, fresh spray that moisturizes deeply. I prefer this skin treatment oil to any lotion as it is quick and easy to apply, plus it spells fantastic.

Made with natural Almond oil, the product is gentle on all skin types and is ideal for days under the sun when skin can dry up quickly. I particularly like to use it after the shower as well.

NEGATIVES?: none really, other than this product is on the more expensive side.


Image price ~ $65/ 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray

I haven’t really talked about any of my favorite fragrances yet so I decided I should probably start! With that being said, I have been loving the NEST: INDIGO scent and have been wearing it for a few weeks now.

NEST: INDIGO is a bit tricky to describe as it’s neither fruity or musty- it’s more of a wonderful combination of the two. The description by the NEST company voices that the fragrance has Moroccan tea, Kashmir wood, and black cardamom that is enhanced with hints of wild fig and bergamot.

I find that this scent is perfect for both day and evening as it is both subtle and bold. The staying power of the scent is fantastic as the fragrance lasts all day no problem.

Negatives?: A little pricy (certainly not the priciest of perfumes), but still a little expensive.

4.) BOBBI BROWN Bronzer

Image Price ~ $38

An old favorite of many, the BOBBI BROWN bronzer has been talked about for years. I had just hit pan on my DIOR Nude bronzer when I decided to pick up this product, purchasing it in the shade Light- light tan.

One of the many reasons why this product has done so well on the market is that it’s perfectly matte and has just enough tint ideal for contouring. I have to be careful picking up bronzers, having  such pale skin but I really find that BOBBI BROWN has always found a way to formulate the shades to match any skin type with ease.

This formula is also build- able so you can go from a “sun- kissed” look to a more dramatic, countered look. All and all a great powder- I really can’t find any negatives!

Now for the BONUS: MAY DUDS

Not all products I use are my favorite (believe it or not)-  I tend to boast about makeup because it’s just more fun to talk about things you like! It is important though, for me to voice my opinion about the items I haven’t been all-too-thrilled about in order to forewarn anyone. (Don’t worry, I only have two for this month)

Disclaimer: You might not feel the same way as me- this is just my personal opinion

Le Prisme Eyeshadow Quartet


Looks amazing right? That’s what drew me in at least- Plus, it’s GIVENCHY, a well known, high-end line with just as high of a reputation. I have tried/ loved many GIVENCHY cosmetic items before, my favorite being the lipsticks, but this shadow quartet I just felt fell flat.

For the price ($57), I thought this palette would be out- of- this- world incredible but sadly, I thought the pigment was a just too weak, especially the lighter colors. Even when I dampened my brush with a little water to soak up somemore pigment, the color was just not fully there.

Pigment is the most important component to me when looking for a shadow palette so this was a bit disappointing. I admire the beautiful colors though, they really do look magnificent in its packaging.

2.) Dior SCULPT Concealer

Image Price ~ $36

Ok, So this may surprise some because I know this has gotten quite a few good marks. Honestly though, compared to other concealers I’ve tried like the Laura Mercier Camouflage concealer, this product just doesn’t do as well.

I started to use the SCULPT under my eyes, but I found it too drying. On blemishes, this concealer is o.k but again, for the price, it should blow my mind.

I give it a solid B.


Thank you for reading and like I said, stay tuned for my upcoming Birthday Haul oh! and I’ll have more M.O.T.D looks as well.

Send me any requests/ Comments…

Thanks Again!

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