Dramatic Night Eye feat. NYX, MakeUp Forever, Urban Decay & Lorac



I promised to show more M.O.T.Ds so here you go! This time I did more of a dramatic nighttime look, perfect for any eye color. Before I get into technique, I’ll quickly list all the products I used, including my base though note that this post will be mainly focused on the eyes.



Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer mixed with MakeUp Forever HD Foundation

NARS creamy Radiant concealer 

HOURGLASS ambient powder (Dim light) 


BOBBI BROWN light bronzing powder

Note: I left blush out in this case for a more summer bronzed look


Watts Up! Benefit highlighter


Benefit Browzing(blonde)


Saint Laurent (YSL) ROUGE PUR COUTURE gloss in Reckless Pink

Now for the EYES :

The eyes are the focal point of this entire look as the base/lips are fairly natural. The shadow is what really transcends this look from day to night. 

NYX shadow in Bad Seed


Urban Decay shadow in Jilted (electric pressed palette) 


Lorac shadow in White Deep purple


NYX black pencil


URBAN DECAY Primer Potion


Disclaimer: You do not need the same exact products I used by any means, anything similar will do just fine!


1.) To start, I always use a primer ESPECIALLY if I know I am doing a night look- that way the pigment is sure to last. Dab a small amount of any primer onto your lid and blend.

2.) Since I am using particularly vibrant colors, it is crucial to apply a nice, white base. White shadow adds even more drama to any other pigment blended on top (i.e the reds look more fiery, the purples more rich).

3.) After the white shadow is applied, apply the glowing red/purple shadow to the inner corners of the eye and blend it both above and below the eyes. ( Note: I usually use a smudge brush for under the eyes).

4.) Next, liberally apply the Red shadow to the base of the eye. This will be a nice transition shade for the more dramatic Deep- colored purple crease shadow.

5.) After, simply apply the deep purple shadow to your crease with some type of crease brush.

*Optional step: Line inner water lines with a creamy black pencil for a more femme fatale look*

The intensity of this look really lyes within the vibrancy of the red/purple shadow pigment on the inner corners and the deep purple crease shade. Make sure to blend thoroughly as blending is one if not the most important step in this entire process.

Thank you so much for stopping by again, I will have more looks, reviews, tech. talks and hauls coming up…

Keep in touch!

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