Reflection piece: Why I Love the Art of Makeup


It’s pretty late at night and out of nowhere I got a sudden urge to write. I realized that my close family and friends know that makeup is a great fascination of mine but may not know why. With that being said, I decided to write a little reflection piece on why I have such a passion for cosmetics and basically why I choose to wear makeup.

First off, makeup has transcended through history and really has held a pretty important role throughout time. I recently watched an amazing video made by iconic makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, the other day (I’ll link the videos down below) in which she toured a mini museum with a makeup historian who noted the significant roles that makeup has had not only for women but also for men whether it be during the war effort with camouflage body paint or the androgynous “David Bowie” phase of the 70s.

Makeup in its true form is an art. I respect makeup artists just as much any other artists working in creative commerce. There are some highly talented makeup artists around that not only take their job seriously but motivate trends and move innovation throughout the cosmetic world. Watching artists like Lisa Eldridge create massively impactful looks for Vogue magazine and alike is truly inspiring.

Why do I wear makeup?

I believe that makeup, when applied correctly, is meant to enhance the natural beauty in others. Cosmetics has always been a curious thing to me, and the more I explore, the more I fall in love.

A common fallacy is that makeup is not natural and can distort an individual’s appearance. Yes, there are more dramatic looks a person can do, but there is a fine line between “costume” and properly dramatized application.

Makeup, above all, is fun for me. I especially love to play cosmetically with others, and I have the greatest joy from seeing  individuals gain confidence from seeing their natural features illuminated. I will continue to love the craft of makeup and will keep exploring the art as I am always searching to learn more.

For any other bloggers out there, I would love to hear why you like the art of makeup. Put a comment down below or send me a message!



7 thoughts on “Reflection piece: Why I Love the Art of Makeup

  1. I have had a negative experience with how friends perceive my love of makeup One of my friends recently asked me if I wore makeup because I was self-conscious about my appearance. She said she pitied girls who wore makeup a lot of the time and assumed that they must be unhappy with their appearance.
    I made the point that if I dress to enhance my figure no one bats an eyelid but put on some lipstick or eyeliner and suddenly I’m trying to hide my natural appearance. It’s funny and upsetting how quickly people will make assumptions without ever asking. It’s a different kind of judgement but a judgement all the same.

    1. Yes, there is for sure a negative stigma with some about makeup in general. It’s sad, but as long as it makes you happy, that’s all that matters. 🙂

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