Nail Care & Summer colors feat. Dolce & Gabbana, ESSIE & Butter London

Hello there!,

Summer is a great time to play with color, not just with makeup but with nails too~ I like to think that Fall is the time for those rich reds, deep browns/ noir shades, and the warmer months are all about brights/ naturals. With that being said, I’m going to highlight three of my favorite nail colors for this time of year as well as include a simple guide to how I personally care for my nails including tricks/ products I incorporate weekly.

There are dozens of nail trends for summer 2014, one being pastels. One of my favorite colors lately has been Anise by Dolce & Gabbana. It is a perfect shade of cloudy- pastel blue, that seems to mirror the summer sky and glisten under the sun. Almost every nail brand has a similar color to Anise, so don’t feel like you have to go too high-end if you like this shade. One upside to purchasing a higher- end brand like D&G though, is that the formula of the nail solution is absolutely incredible.

D&G nail colors usually run at ~ $25


Next up, a more natural color perfect for any occasion, Lady Like by ESSIE. I have been a loyal buyer of ESSIE polish for some time now (I pretty much am a huge hoarder of their polish, I’m embarrassed to say I have probably over 100 polishes by them). ESSIE polishes run at about $8, and though I am a loyal buyer, I feel as if their nail solutions can be fairly hit or miss. Fortunately, Lady Like has an amazing formula as the color glides on smooth and thick.

I have worn this particular shade multiple weeks in a row, which really says something because I am usually so indecisive with my polishes that I change them so frequently. This color has a gorgeous, soft lavender pigment with hints of beige and a very subtle pink undertone.


For my last nail pick of the summer, I have chosen a vibrant, coral- toned polish, also by ESSIE called Chubby Cheeks. I recently binge- watched the show MAD MEN on NETFLIX and fell in love with the sassy secretary boss, Joan who often wore a similar shade as coral was a huge, chic tend of  late 50s- 60s.

Summer, like I said, is the perfect time to show off more vibrancy in nail colors, so I love to wear this MAD MEN inspired shade.



It is crucial to take good care of your nails, as lack of attention can cause major problems for the future. I stick by a few key products for my weekly nail regime (listed down below) as well as a few particular tools for cuticle/nail care.



1.) SALLY HANSEN Cuticle Remover ~$5

Not only is this cuticle remover cheap but it has amazing working powers. I love how easy excess skin on cuticles glide off once this product is applied, plus! you can find this is almost every store as it is very commercially used.


2.) Cuticle pusher tool and Cuticle Clippers

Now It doesn’t really matter which brand you get of these next two tools, it’s only important that you have something similar- Mine are rather generic and still work fine. After using the cuticle remover, use these tools cohesively to clean up cuticles and excess skin around nails.



If you have cracked nails that don’t seem to be able to grow, REJUVACOTE can help you form those lovely long, healthy nails. This product holds needed nutrients that can be lacking from your nails, causing that unwanted brittleness. REJUVACOTE is a clear polish that should be worn everyday for the first week you buy it in order for it to work most effectively, and then sporadically after that week whenever you want a nice base/top coat.


Lastly, BUTTER LONDON nail foundation i.e the ultimate base coat ~ $19

I have voiced about my love for this product in my April Favorites blog, here is the excerpt from that feat. this nail foundation:

Moving on, this month I also experimented with more of a high-end nail product, the Butter London collection which has gotten an extreme amount of hype lately.

I have purchased some of the colors from Butter London and actually thought they were just o.k. For how expensive the collection is, I thought the colors would stay at least a couple days without chipping.

The Nail Foundation however I think is VERY WORTH THE PRICE. It dries in about two minutes and acts as a solid base for nail polish and makes the polish LAST.

The foundation goes for about $19. Pricy but ,like I said, WORTH IT.

Basically, I feel the exact same way after using it months later as this product is truly a gem.

Thank you for reading and for all of the fantastic feedback!

I will be back shortly~ See all you lovely people next time!

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