Best Foundations for Summer feat. Chanel, Laura Mercier, Dior, Bobbi Brown & Tarte

Hello lovely people!,

Summertime is here and it’s HOT. The mugginess that sometimes comes with this hotness is not always ideal weather for flawless makeup. Never fear though as I have my top summer foundation picks that will help you maintain a glowing, beautiful look instead of a melted mess of products sweating off your face.

Below, I have selected 5 of my favorite foundations for this heated time of the year, as well as picked a variety of products for all different skin types whether you have oil prone, dry, or combination skin.



CHANEL VITALUMIÈRE AQUA is an amazing ultra-light foundation that is infused with sun protectant, perfect for summer. This foundation acts almost like a second skin as it perfectly sinks in and feels like you are wearing an airy film. No one wants to cake on heavy, creamy foundation on a humid, sunny day, therefore making VITALUMIÈRE AQUA an ideal option for summer.

Now this foundation is not full-coverage so if you have particularly problematic skin with blemishes or hyper- pigmentation, you will need to use concealer in those troubled areas. VITALUMIÈRE AQUA works incredibly well for combination skin as well as oily skin- If you have more of a dryer skin type, I would suggest going with the VITALUMIÈRE, which has a more moisturized base, but gives the same effect as the Aquatic foundation.

Tip: These VITALUMIÈRE foundations are best applied simply using your hand to blend into the skin as they are so shear and light. 


These products run from $45- $55

2.) Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer


Laura Mercier can do little wrong in my eyes as I love so many of the brand’s products. The tinted moisturizer has been an old favorite of mine, ever since I received a sample size as a V.I.B Sephora perk. This foundation is extremely light- weight and breathable with the added bonus of SPF 20. It is both hydrating and softening with its vitamin- rich blend of ingredients as well as perfect for any skin tone.

If you have problem areas, as I said before, you should consider using a quality concealer with such light products, but all in all, I feel as if this product works amazing for summer with its shear, nutritious formula.

This product runs at ~ $43

3.) Dior AIRFLASH Foundation


I have used the Dior AIRFLASH foundation for many years now, and I absolutely love it. This spray- on foundation is ultra light- weight yet gives you a glowing, airbrush look. If you have troubled skin, this is the summer product for you as it is more full-coverage yet still breathable for Summer.

There are two ways you can apply this foundation 1.) you can simply apply spraying the bottle a few inches away from your face or 2.) you can spray the product on a sponge or brush, then buff into your skin

You only need a tiny amount of this product to achieve that airbrushed look, and this foundation lasts all day, through the muggiest, steamiest weather, so you know you’re covered. Dior AIRBRUSH runs from $55- $65 and is made for all skin types.

4.) BOBBI BROWN Tinted Moisturizer


Just like the Laura Mercier Tinted Mostuizer, BOBBI BROWN has created a light, skin perfecting formulated product that is great for summer, with an SPF of 15. The formula is hydrating and is best used for oily- combination skin types, plus it has fantastic staying power.

If you have more problematic skin, try the BOBBI BROWN BB cream that helps with blemishes or the BOBBI BROWN CC cream that is color- correcting. Both these products have the same sheer feel to the Tinted Moisturizer and have a 35 SPF as an added bonus.


All BOBBI BROWN products listed above run at ~ $44

5.) TARTE Amazonian clay full coverage
airbrush foundation


TARTE has been another favorite brand of mine for some time, yet for some reason, I rarely post about their products! This TARTE foundation is a mineral foundation and should be applied with a big, dense brush.

I love mineral foundations for Summer especially because they feel very comfortable on the skin. If you have oil- prone skin, this may be your best choice as this foundation helps control that unwanted shine and lasts for up to 12 hours.

Additionally, this product is Vegan (like most TARTE products) and is very natural. Though it is a powder foundation, the Amazonian clay minerals do not cake on. Instead, they seamlessly glide onto the skin to create a flawless complexion.

You can pick up this product for around $36

There you have it!~ those are my all- time favorite foundations for the Summertime. I hope all of you guys are enjoying the beautiful weather and spending a least a couple days relaxing outside.

Goodbye for now, thanks for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “Best Foundations for Summer feat. Chanel, Laura Mercier, Dior, Bobbi Brown & Tarte

  1. Thank you for sharing this information. Summer time changing your foundation is a must! With Chicago being humid and some rainy days foundation can slide right off our faces right after putting it on ha. I would also recommend applying a great moisturizer, SPF and primer according to your skin type prior to foundation application. One of my favorite foundations is Smashbox BBcream and dusted with their halo powder. I should try Doir airbrush though it sounds amazing. I am a big fan of Tarte as well and use their concealer. I enjoy reading your post!

    1. I totally agree, moisturizer is so important and so is SPR/ primer. I need to try the Smashbox BB cream, I heard a lot of excellent things about it. Thanks for reading, glad you liked it!! 🙂

      1. I have a simple skin care routine blog post from a little while ago
        but I think my next upcoming post is going to be focused more on my favorite summer primer/moisturizers!

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