Drug Store Items that Rival High-end Brands


One of my most frequent requests deals with finding cheaper cosmetic alternatives to some of my more pricer makeup recommendations. Though I love Dior shadows, Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks and Chanel foundations, I realize it is just more practical to head to the Drugstore instead of spending your life savings on designer formulations. With that being said, I quickly selected some of my top choices from the Drugstore that I find to be some of the best alternatives to those pricer cosmetic lines.



Maybelline a little while back came out with some of the best creme eyeshadows I have ever come across. The formula of these  shades are incredibly workable and last forever, yet easily come off conveniently with makeup remover. The colors are shimmery, vibrant and very wearable. These color tattoos rival any higher- end creme shadow including BOBBI BROWN (a personal favorite). Apply with a creme shadow brush or simply your finger to create a radiant eye look perfect for any occasion and any weather, no matter how hot or humid. With only being priced at $5-$7 a piece, Maybelline provides a pretty worthwhile product.



Large, chubby color sticks like these have become fairly prominent in the cosmetic industry. You can find these chubby sticks anywhere, though Neutrogena does the best job of formulating a quality product with half the price of high-end color sticks, priced at only about $8- $9. This moisturizing stick, which comes in an array of vibrant spring/ summer colors and warm fall/winter tones, is highly pigmented while being deliciously creamy. Additionally, this stick can also line your lips if you wanted to create a little extra pout. The lasting power of the moisture smooth is pretty efficient, plus the formulation smells sweet and fresh. All in all, a great bargain.



I have written about the NYX Butter Glosses several times before as I use these gems almost daily. Here is an excerpt from my What’s in my Makeup Bag? post I did last week where I posted about my love for these fantastic glosses:

Gloss is optional, but just in case you prefer less of a matte lip and more of a shine finish, I would suggest an old time favorite of mine, the NYX Butter Glosses. Not only do these glosses have an fantastic formula and come in a wide selection of colors, but they smell sooooooo good. My usual NYX gloss colors are: Crème Brulee, a nude rose shade, Fortune Cookie, a true nude shade, and Éclair, a 60s- pink gloss. Even if you have very little to no other make upon, if you have a plump, shiny lip, you look put together no matter what. These glosses only cost $5, a wonderful bargain for such consistent quality.



Everyone has heard of the Beauty Blender, a soft, puffy sponge, ideal for most foundation applications, but those little tools can be quite expensive. Recently, Real Techniques came out with their version of the Beauty Blender that is easily half the price. This sponge is just as workable and puffy, plus there is an added bonus of an angled, flattened edge that is ideal for under eye concealer. The miracle complexion sponge, costing $5.99 in most stores is (dare I say) better than the original Beauty Blender, or at least just as good!

PHYSICIANS FORMULA: Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Jumbo Lash Mascara

Priced at only $10, this jumbo mascara is a fantastic deal. Not only is the formula made with natural, organic ingredients and packaged in an eco- friendly exterior, but the quality of the mascara itself is wonderful as it visibly makes lashes thicker. I also like the design of the packaging as it is sleek and shaped uniquely like a leaf. This mascara is priced fairly, works amazing, and is environmentally responsible~ you can’t go wrong!



Revlon’s Colorstay foundation gets a big A+ rating from me as it is full- coverage and gives off a beautifully- airbrushed glow. Though this product dries quickly, the formula is creamy and relatively light- weight. The staying power is fantastic and the shades this foundation comes in are very natural. Costing around $10 (compared to the 50+ dollars I might spend on a high-end formulation), the Revlon Colorstay is truly one of the best bargains.



RIMMEL SCANDALEYES is a line of dramatic shadow pencils that are ultra- creamy and ultra- vibrant. The retail price of these beauties is about $5 a piece, and the only down side I see to these pencils is that you need to have a large sharpener to sharpen these as they are not “twist up”. Ranging from a mermaid aqua- blue to a shimmery copper, these shades are brilliant. The staying power is consistently good and I not only  love the color pigmentation but I love the price.



My last pick for today are the NYX blushes, priced at $5. These blushes are surprisingly good quality for the cheap price and come in a dynamic array of shades, suitable for all different skin tones. Plus, these blushes remind me a lot of the NARS blushes as the shades are fairly similar. These blushes will add life into your face as they look natural and radiant. With that being said, this is a great rival for any pricer brand.

If you wish to see more of these Drugstore posts, let me know~ I’m thinking about doing them in the future. In the meantime, check back again as I will have my “JUNE FAVORITES” post uploaded sometime this week.

Thanks for reading~ Comment down below or send me a message if you guys have any more requests!

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