LIPSTICK EDITION: Selected Brand Reviews Pt. 1


Hey there!,

I have a serious lipstick obsession and through the years I have acquired a pretty hefty collection of lip products. Through collecting, I have tried many brands, both high-end and drug store formulations~ some I like more than others.

Today, I really wanted to focus on some of my most- used lip products and give an over-all brand review of my most prominent companies in my little army of lipsticks. Before spending money on any brand, it’s important that you do a little research into the quality of the product you plan to buy so that you know that your’e not wasting your money.

With that being said, I crafted this little handy guide to my most purchased lip stick brands including (no particular order):

Yves Saint Laurent, NARS, MAC, Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, MakeUp ForeverBuxom, Shiseido & Guerlain 

DRUG STORE:  Sonia Kashuk, NYX, Maybelline & Revlon

Each brand review will be quite short due to the amount of companies I plan to write about and because I have so much to blab about, I separated this review section into 2 equal parts.

Pt.1: YSl through Makeup Forever 

Pt.2: Buxom through Revlon 

Note: I realize that in some companies, different shades have different formulations but I am looking at the brand as a whole. 

So lets get on with it!



I had to start with YSL lipsticks, because in my opinion, there is really nothing better. Saint Laurent really sets the standard for what I think all lipstick brands should aspire to. When I try out a new lip product, I always compare it to YSL quality to see if it even comes close~ most of the time, other lipsticks fall short.

Now these lipsticks are definitely one of the priciest lipsticks I’ve tried, priced at about $36, but they are so worth it. My go- to shade is the 1: Rouge VoluptéL Nude Beige shade which is the creamiest, pinky- beige color~ It’s actually the only lipstick shade I continue to repurchase over and over.

The formulation is buttery and coated with an SPF 15. The radiancy from this lipstick is unmatched, and has the added bonus of amazing staying power. Some of the YSL lip products are even scented, which is a nice added touch.

YSL lipsticks just can not be beat in my eyes. Oh! and check out their glosses too, they are just as incredible!



NARS is a slightly cheaper option, set at about $26, but still categorized under the high-end price line. I love NARS dynamic selection of colors~ I believe they have around 36 colors to choose from, perfect for any occasion and any season. NARS has always been a pretty reliable brand so naturally their lipsticks are pretty high in quality.

NARS formulation isn’t as buttery as I would like though~ I find that it is really helpful to moisturize your lips beforehand to help glide on the formula. Though the product isn’t as creamy as I would like, I would still very much recommend trying out the NARS brand as the colors are phenomenal.



MAC lipsticks are crazy popular and I can see why. Not only does MAC provide an insane amount of color options, but these gems are only priced at around $16. Though not as creamy, MAC lipsticks have fantastic staying power. Additionally, all of the MAC lip products I have tried have been perfectly wearable. MAC’s pricing is reasonable and a perfect middle ground between high-end and drugstore. Plus, once you buy one, you really feel like you should collect them all!


dior_addict_lipstick_2011 Dior Addict Lip Glow in 4 Coral


Priced at $35, Dior is just as pricy as the coveted YSL lipsticks, but are they just as good?

Well, I still think that YSL has everyone beat on the creaminess, but ultimately Dior knocks it right out of the park. The formulation is hydrating and plumping, plus has quality staying power.

The real star as of late has been the Dior Addict Fluid Stick which is an ultra- light gloss formulated with water, not wax. Though this is a lipstick post and technically not a gloss post, I still had to rave about this little products because it is amazing. TRY IT, TRY IT, TRY IT. 




Ahhhhh, Chanel. I feel like every makeup lover needs to try out a little Chanel every once in awhile. I basically LOVE Chanel’s EVERYTHING. These lipsticks come in the most marvelous shades are priced at about $36, but honestly (I feel so bad for saying this) I prefer YSL.

The problem with these lipsticks (and when I write “problem”, note it’s still Chanel so it’s still better than 99.9% of most lipsticks), is that there isn’t as much of that coveted butteriness in the formulation.

I realize this is being REALLY kind of picky, don’t get me wrong these are quality lipsticks. Just not quite 100% there for me. Would I buy more? OF COURSE! ~ After all, they are Chanel. 



Now I have a soft place in my heart for the Givenchy lipstick because it was the first high- end makeup product I bought which eventually started my whole love for makeup. Though this was years ago, I still love these lipsticks~ I do find though that some of the darker colors don’t last as long as I’d like.

The formulation is very smooth and moisturizing plus the color selection is just as lovely as any other high-end brand. These lipsticks are priced at $30, but definitely worth the splurge.



Priced at around $20, M.U.F.E lipsticks are a little more affordable than most high- end brands and remind me a lot of NARS lipsticks. They do lack in the extreme creaminess I long for although the colors are divine. The formulation is pretty highly pigmented but honestly, I don’t gravitate towards this brand of lipstick very often.

MakeUp Forever creates consistent, high quality products, but still, the formula of their lipsticks just doesn’t wow me.

That’s it for Pt.1~ Check on back later this week for Pt.2! There are thousands of other lipstick brands out there so I might make multiple LIPSTICK EDITIONS in the near future.

For now, that’s all~ Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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