LIPSTICK EDITION: Selected Brand Reviews Pt.2


Hello again beautiful people!,

I’m back for Pt. 2 of my lipstick selected brand reviews~ this time focusing on the remaining brands listed below:

Buxom, Shiseido & Guerlain

DRUG STORE: Sonia Kashuk, NYX, Maybelline & Revlon

If you didn’t get a chance to see Pt.1 of this LIPSTICK EDITION, I’ll link it down below.



~$19- 21

BUXOM in the past year seemed to gain incredible popularity as they really branded themselves nicely. Additionally, their prices aren’t the most expensive but definitely still defined as high- end. I find that BUXOM lip products are pretty workable and luminous with average staying power. Its formula is also fairly creamy, making their product application even easier.

Though this is a lipstick post, I had to mention the BUXOM glosses as they are fantastic. They are lip- plumping and absolutely gorgeous. If you don’t get a chance to try out BUXOM lipsticks at least try out their gloss.

Overall, I would give BUXOM a solid 4 out of 5 stars.





I recently received quite a few SHISEIDO lip products to add to my collection and I have to commend the excellent quality. SHISEIDO is one of the most prestigious cosmetic companies in the business as they have been in the makeup industry for quite some time, longer than most. This Japanese brand creates some fantastic lip shades that a exceptionally creamy, almost at the same level as my favorite YSL lipsticks. SHISEIDO is a reliable company that seems to do very little wrong. These lipsticks are above average and they get a solid A rating from me.



~$36, compact/ lipstick (picture 2) ~$51

oh, GUERLAIN. So much I can say about these dreamy lipsticks but if you know anything about GUERLAIN, you’ll know that you’re going to have to pay quite a bit for these gems. These products are for sure a splurge item but they are great for special occasions. Ultra creamy, ultra long wearing, ultra brilliant. Of course how they’re priced, you wouldn’t expect any less!

A little goes a loooooooong way with GUERLAIN lip products as they are highly pigmented. Additionally, these beauties are packaged in the most innovative packaging~ an added, classy touch.





SONIA KASHUK, available as an exclusive TARGET feature brand, is my newest favorite lip discovery. I recently got turned onto this affordable brand by a fellow makeup artist who swears by their lip products. I have to say, I completely agree~ Sonia’s products are pretty ingenious seeing how affordable they are.

Though not as creamy, I find the KASHUK lip collection to be highly pigmented and very wearable. I’m going to have to stock up on more SONIA KASHUK products because Im quite impressed so far.


_8735165 _8079531 _8079457

~$5- 8

NYX! I’ve written in the past about NYX many times before, mostly about their infamous Butter glosses. NYX is very affordable and they  always surprise me with their fantastic formulas. Their lipstick isn’t the creamiest (not to say that it isn’t creamy at all) and won’t last an exceptionally long time, but for the price, I’d say NYX is a safe alternative to some of the higher end brands.

Sometimes you have to treat yourself by buying those luxurious, expensive brands every once in a while but if you want a quick lipstick fix, NYX is a great choice. Even their Matte lipstick (which is usually hard to formulate) is good and wearable. Now remember, this isn’t GUERLAIN or YSL, so don’t expect magic but I’m telling you, NYX does a great job and they won’t break your bank.



~ $5- 8

MAYBELLINE has gotten a lot of raves between a lot of beauty bloggers and I can see why. The colors are gorgeous and the price is fantastic. Though these aren’t the creamiest, you won’t be disappointed with these lipsticks. I especially like the pigment as they are some of the most vibrant colors I have seen in any drug- store brand. Like I said with NYX, these aren’t high- end brands but they are well worth your money and are great alternatives.


Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain    Revlon-Lipstick

~$5- 8

Not too dissimilar from MAYBELLINE and NYX, REVLON lip products are a worthwhile alternative to high- end brands. REVLON lipsticks are nicely pigmented and nicely priced. You’re not going to find that REVLON glides perfectly smoothly onto the lips, but it really does do its job. I love the wide array of colors provided and the color lasts an acceptable time.

That wraps up Pt.2 ! Like I said in Pt.1, I plan to do more LIPSTICK EDITIONS in the near future. Let me know what your personal favorite lip products are down below. Oh! and remember, if you have any questions or requests, send them to me in my “Questions/ Requests”  box!

Write to you guys soon!  (Pt.1)

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