REVIEW: MARC JACOBS Limited Edition SIREN 210 Palette



Hello guys!,

A little while ago MARC JACOBS launched five gorgeous eye palettes: The Lolita 206, The Vamp 208, The Tease 202, The Starlet 204, and The Siren 210, the newest out of the collection.

Today, I decided to spotlight The Siren 210 as it is a limited edition palette that was crafted specically for Summer 2014. Now before I get into more of my in- depth critique of The Siren, here is a quick breakdown of the product itself:

Price: $59

Official Description: – 7 x Eye shadows in cloud white pearl, rusty red pearl, copper shimmer, marigold shimmer, seafoam pearl, cobalt pearl, sea smoke glitter pearl.

(MARC JACOBS gets real creative with the shadow names)

-no parabens-

photo 3

Personal Impression:

At first glance, The Siren looks amazing from the packaging to the shadows themselves.  Presented in a sleek, thin, shiny- white case, the palette contains 7 shades, both with matte and shimmer finishes. If there is one thing MARC JACOBS does exceptionally well, it’s chic branding as The Siren looks less like eye shadow and more like a high- end artist’s watercolor palette.


As you can see from the swatches above, the more mattified shadows are the firey red and pearly white. The gold, copper and cool tones are all fairly shimmery and irredecent~ I find that these simmer shades really work well for summer because they add a bit more glow to the eyelids.

Throughout the palette, I dicovered that the most pigmented shades are the red, copper, gold, blue and the sage- green color. The white and sea- foam shades I found to be a little weaker in pigment, and had to be a built up more than the rest. Though not equal in pigmentation, all the shadows are nice and buttery as they glide on well to the eye and seem to really blend easily.

Here is close up of one of the eye looks I created using The Siren, focusing on the red, gold and copper shades:

photo 5

I love the balance between the more matte- red shade and the subtle sparkle of the lighter tones. Though seemingly dramatic in color, the application of these shades don’t come across as too crazy. You can easily transform this look to be a little more daring though~ notice below I added the cooler shades under my eye to add even more color and drama.

photo 4

You can really experiment with the dynamic colors of The Siren. This whole week I’ve been only using this palette, discovering multiple looks for both day and night. For the look below, I played with the green shadows for a breezy, fresh garden inspired look.

photo 1photo 2

I like to think of The Siren as a “grown- up” color palette as it’s not outwardly shocking like the super neon- pigmented Urban Decay Electric palette (which I love bytheway). This collection is really for soomeone who is curious about playing with color, but doesn’t want to go right off the deep- end.

As far as the negatives with this palette, it’s easy to see that the major downside to MARC JACOBS is the price. Many find the palette to be overpriced, and I can’t argue with that opinion. For a $60 palette, the white shadow should be a bit better. The best white shadow I’ve found as of yet has been in my Lorac Pro Palette, which is much cheaper. If only The Siren had a similar white shadow, this palette would be almost perfect. Even with that being said, I really do think that the majority of the shades are incomparable as they blend into each other like no other vibrant palette I’ve used.

The Siren 210 is really an investment piece~ The shadows are of excellent quality as far as lasting power and pigment is concerned (minus me being picky about the pearly white shade). I would recommend The Siren to anyone who serioiusly wants to treat themselves to something outside the typical nautral shadow shades.

Overall, I give The Siren a solid 8/10.

Thanks for reading!


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