JULY FAVORITES feat. LAVANILA Laboratories, Shiseido, MARC JACOBS, Sigma, Ole Henriksen & MAC


It’s the end of July and though I should be sad, I’m actually kind of excited because I go back to my college home in less than a month. I’m so ready to be done with college and start my (what I hope to be) adventurous, independent life.

For now, I’m pretty content just drinking this pretty bomb peach smoothie I just made and writing to you guys about some new goods I picked up this past month.

I’m going to get right into it starting with deodorant~ something all of us obviously need. So here we go…

1.) LA VANILLA deodorant


Like I said, we all need deodorant so why not get the most natural, luxurious deodorant in the world? I heard AMAZING things about the LA VANILLA brand, especially this product. I picked up the Vanilla Lavender scented deodorizer for $14 at Sephora and immediately tried it on when I got home. I then went to the gym, came back and realized how incredibly durable and long lasting LA VANILLA is. It goes on smooth, it stays on strong and it smells heavenly.

This product is also clinically tested, dermatologist- recommended, and does not contain any aluminum, mineral oils or parabens~ you can not go wrong!



I recently just wrote about SHISEIDO lip products in my Lipstick Edition Pt.2 (link down below) and from what I’ve tried, they all get a solid A rating. I picked up SHISEIDO’s Rouge Parfait lipstick in Tulip: RS452 ($25), and I fell in love. Not only is this lipstick highly pigmented, but has excellent staying power and goes on deliciously creamy.

If you look below, you can see just how pigmented the color really is. For a great, bold look, use any of the Rouge lip parfaits, you will not be disappointed!




I just wrote a post dedicated to how much I adore this palette! If you don’t wish to read the whole review here is the basic idea: IT’S FANTASTIC AND YOU SHOULD BUY IT.

Here is the link:

4.) SIGMA F86 Tapered Kabuki brush


This $24 brush is a quality, accessible tool that will transform the way you apply base makeup. I even prefer using this brush to a Beauty Blender~ it’s that commendable. With super soft bristles angled at a slightly rounded tip, this brush is ideal for under- eye concealer and foundation.

It glides into every crease with ease and provides a super, natural almost air-brushed finished look. SIGMA consistently comes out with the highest quality tools, and the Tapered Kabuki is no exception.


OLE HENRIKSEN : African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser

$30/ 7 OZ


I was looking for a gentle, active cleanser for a while and I think I’ve finally found the best option for me. I had heard a lot of praise for the OLE HENRIKSEN brand so I decided to try their African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser. Not only does this product smell like a flowery, herbal tea but it does its’ job, and quite well.

I love particularly how lathering this cleanser is~it foams easily and I find that you only need a small pump for the product to work. All in all, it’s a great addition to my everyday skin care routine.




This natural quad palette is perfect for those days where you want a subtle yet sultry look. I find that you don’t have to do any thinking when using this palette as all the shades easily blend together and correspond with one another, whatever combination you choose to do.

The shadows which consist of the shades Peachy Cream, Long 4 Me, Rev. Saddle, and Embark are long lasting and buttery. This is a great natural quad for day or night~ I also blogged a little about this product in my M.O.T.D: EASY BREEZY SUMMER post (link below).



Well, that wraps it up for JULY! As you probably noticed, I didn’t have any Misses listed this month because honestly I had fantastic luck with my all my new product selections (thankfully).

Anyways,  hope all of you guys are having a fantastic summer~

Thanks for stopping by, keep in touch!


6 thoughts on “JULY FAVORITES feat. LAVANILA Laboratories, Shiseido, MARC JACOBS, Sigma, Ole Henriksen & MAC

  1. Great picks! Check out my blog. I have recently done some hauls and reviews on makeup products and finished a skincare series. The series is called The Skincare Bible and explores the science behind your skincare, designed to take you through a skin journey to develop a routine with the right products and really understand your skin! I am very proud of the series so would love some feedback xox your local bohemian

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