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My first ever blog post a while ago was a review of the origanal Lorac Pro Palette (link hereas well as a smoked-out eye look I did here.

Needless to say, I love the Lorac Pro, but what about the newest pro pallete? Well, honestly I’m going to repeat myself quite a bit as this review won’t be too dissimilar from the first pallete because it’s truely AMAZING.

At first glance, the LPP2 looks like a cool, more sultry relative to the LPP1 as it contains rich, deep golden browns, a heavy matte navy/ plum, and a dusty charcoal shade. The first pallete you may recall had more nautrals, all of which are beautiful yet didn’t incorporate these deep cooler shades.

The listing of the exact shade colors are as follows:

Top Row: Buff (Matte), Lt. Brown (Matte), Cool Gray (Matte), Nectar (Matte), Plum (Matte), Navy (Matte), Charcoal (Matte), Black (Matte)
Bottom Row: Snow (Shimmer), Beige (Shimmer), Rosé (Shimmer), Mocha (Shimmer), Chrome (Shimmer), Silver (Shimmer), Jade (Shimmer), Cocoa (Shimmer)
Mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer included.

As you can see from the listing, the palette utilizes both dyanamic matte and shimmer tones. Lorac does an EXCEPTIONAL job formulating these shades as they are some of the butteriest, most blendable shadows with an intense color pay off.

Out of the bunch, I’ve been really liking the shades Navy, Plum, Charcoal and Necter~ I’m not sure why but I’ve been really gravitating towards these colors out of the pallete. Note though that all the shades are gorgeous and worth hitting pan on every one of them.  

Just look at these swatches, I mean- COME ON. They’re brilliant.


Priced at about $42, the Lorac Pros exceed any Naked Decay pallete in pigmentation, price and overall quality.

Oh and the packaging is sleek (although be aware that the shadow can smude onto the case and the labels on the shadows can rub off when trying to clean around the perimeter of the pallete).  All in all though, a great buy.

These are just some of the looks I did with the LPP2: (the possibilites are really endless with the palette~ all the colors corrdinate quite nicely.)

Picture 2

For this look, I decided to really play with the Charcoal shade as I’ve been looking for a nice, smooth gray like this for awhile. I used this shade over my base shade, which I choose to be the peachy Necter shadow with the Snow shade in the corner for extra shimmer.

photo 2 photo 3

Here is an upclose look at another look I did, heaviliy incorporating the sultry Navy shade along with the Silver shimmer shadow and warm Rose gold shade in the corner.

I plan to do many M.O.T.Ds using this pallete in the near future~ it’s my newest love and I am so happy to finally get my hands on it!

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Thanks for reading!

OH P.S! Next week is devoted to my readers: I’m going to create a special post where I answer your questions about anything like makeup or my life in general~ this will be a way for you guys to get to know me as well as for me to answer any makeup delemas.

Send them to me in my question/ requests tab!


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