The Ultimate No- Heat Beachy Waves



I absolutely love the tosseled surfer look as it’s an effortless, laid back hairstyle perfect for those hot summer days when the last thing you want to do is drag out the hot iron.

For this beachy look, all you need are these two products both by one of my favorite hair companies Oribe:

Oribe Surfcomber Mousse ($35) 



Oribe Texturizing spray ($42) 





To start off the look, take a shower, rinse your hair… you know the whole bit. Then, lighty dry your hair in a towel and put a small dollup of the incredible Surfcomber mousse into your hair. Simply scrunch your hair and tossel it around.

Note: You 100% NEED this mousse to get the most volumous, beach effect. I’ve tied many styling mousses in the past, and honestly, nothing compares to the quality of this Oribe product~ especially if you don’t have naturally wavy hair. 


Let your hair air- dry (afterall, this is a heat-less look). Just let it lay~ try not to touch your hair too much as you want the waves to form naturally.

BUT… if you’re in a hurry (totally understandable), you can use a diffuser. I would recommend not using a hairdryer without a diffuser as the waves can lose flow and hair might become frizzy.

If drying with a diffuser, tossel your hair around and really play out the waves when drying.

Note: Low heat is best both for the health of your hair and the form of the waves.  



You know that really texturized feeling of day- two hair~ you know, when you don’t wash it for a day and curls just seem to hold better?

Well, with the Oribe Texturizing spray you can get that same light grit to your hair without waiting! (ha I feel like an infomercial).

Seriously though, this spray works wonders. It’s pricy, yes, but worth it as it adds not only texture but unreal volume. Just spay lightly around your mane once dry, for an airy, windblown wavy look.

Little too pricy for you? You’re in luck because I found a close second to the Oribe spray:

Though not quite the same by any means, the Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish spray can give you similar texture at almost half the price ($26).


THAT’S IT! So easy right?


Thanks for reading!


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