Tech Talk: Product Storage


Hey guys!,

I’m officially moved back into my college house and am happy to say my things are pretty settled and organized (hopefully it lasts). I took quite a few items from my makeup kit to school and have finally established a solid placement for all my products.

A lot of the makeup that I do end up buying I like to view as investment products and proper organization is key to keeping my tools/ cosmetics in good condition.

Here is quick rundown of how I personally decided to organize the select makeup I brought to college. Feel free to comment down below or send me a message about how you keep your products nice and neat~



So I’ll start off by saying, I don’t have a full on vanity. Instead, I use a pretty decent size table that’s placed next to tall cabinet that is perfect for storing all my makeup (see above).

I love anything vintage, so I managed to scrap up some old industrial crates to store the majority of my products- I have several bins that I’ve placed into these categories:

Palettes, single eyeshadows, foundations, tinted moisturizers/ BB,CC & DD creams/ face moisturizers, primers/concealers, powder/highlighter/eyebrow pencils/ mascara, lipsticks, lip glosses, lip pencils, bronzers/blushers, eye pencils/ liners and finally nail products.

Oh! and sometimes I choose to use mason jars or even berry baskets to store my goods in like for my lip pencils/shadow sticks~ It’s a really easy, unconventional (and cheap!) way of storing some of my products.   



For my numerous brushes, I thrifted a really convenient metal holder with separate sections for my different utensils. I usually separate my brushes as follows:

Base brushes- (foundation)/ Powder/ concealer, Main Eye brushes- crease/lid/cream shadow/ blender, Precision Eye Brushes- liner/ smudge, Added Base brushes- Contour/blush/highlighter, Base Sponges: Beauty Blenders 


Like you’ve probably noticed from my previous posts, I’m a bit of a lipstick addict (I like to consider myself a “lipstick connoisseur” haha). I really had to narrow down which lip products I brought to school- However, I still definitely could’ve singled it down more.

Though I brought more than I’ll probably ever use, I still decided to store my sticks compactly~ I used this antique Chocolate box from the early 20th century. I love finding old things and giving them a new life.


As for Skin and Hair products, I had to get sort of crafty. In my college house, I didn’t have much cabinet space, so I used a wooden crate I salvaged from a street sale to create a quick, rustic shelf.


I Keep my skin toners/ masks/ lotions and cleansers on the top shelf and my essential hair products on the bottom for my convenience~


Being organized keeps my mind calm and collected. I can not only find specific products easier, but I can make sure to keep everything in ideal condition.

Let me know what you think and as always, thanks for reading!,


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