M.O.T.D: A look for Autumn feat. CHANEL Les 4 Ombres Multi-effect Quadra Eyeshadow


I hope all of you are having a lush fall full of fancy Starbucks pumpkin spice concoctions and big, extravagant scarfs. My fall is going quite nicely except I’m not feeling to hot (everyone’s sick on campus) but hopefully it’ll soon pass.

Recently, I purchased some lovely Chanel goodies, including this shimmery eye shadow quad: Tisse Vendome (204) Les 4 Ombres ($61). 

After swatching several of the Chanel Quad palettes available, I came to choose this warm, neutral palette because it correlated well with my eye color, being a blueish/gray.


The shadows themselves have proved to be of fairy good quality as they are blend-able, buttery and highly pigmented.

Particularly, I fell in love with the peach-orange shimmery shade that is absolutely gorgeous for fall~


The look that I choose to do incorporating the Tisse Vendome (204) palette, is perfect for this Autumn, crisp weather~

I started off with a simple base, using Tarte’s Amazonian Clay BB Illuminating Moisturizer in Ivory ($32)


I love this BB cream because it is all natural and actually provides a pretty full- coverage while having an exceptionally light-weight feel.

Next, I finished off my base with a subtle highlight and light blusher. For this, I used the all-in-one Urban Decay Flushed Palette ($30)~ I especially love the highlighter in the flushed palette collection as it has a nice balance of shimmer and glow.

I didn’t really contour my face at all because I wanted a more “rosy” look, but feel free to use the bronzer- it’s quite nice!


Now on to the real star of this look, THE EYES. To frame the overall look, I lightly touched up my eyebrows with my favorite Benefit eyebrow powder in Light Brown ($32).


I then lined my tight line in a deep, black pencil~ I was feeling particularly fancy so I used my Yves Saint Laurent ‘Dessin du Regard’ Eye Pencil ($30). (This pencil I have to say is the CREAMIEST pencil I have ever used and has a fantastic staying power)


After, I primed my eyes with a light cream shadow~ Any one will do, I used this natural Smashbox shadow in Soft Golden Beige ($20). I find that if you want a little extra pigmentation, a cream shadow does magic as your shadows will be instantly more vibrant.



After your eyes are prepped and primed, it’s time for the shadow. I always like to start with the lightest shade (top right). Just take that shade and lightly brush it over the creme shadow for all over glow.

Next, I took the second lightest shade around my eye crease (top left) and used it as my transition shade to lightly give density.

I then took the peach/coral shade over the base of my lid (I coated it on heavily for a real “pop” of color)

Lastly, I used the charcoal brown shade next to the coral shadow to deepen the end of my eye crease even more.

It’s important to really blend these shades out to create a softer, more natural effect. I used the coveted MAC 217 brush ($24) for the majority of my blending. This brush, as I’m sure every blogger on the planet has noted, does the BEST job of creating a desired blended, smoky effect.


Oh! and of course add a bit of mascara to finish off the eyes~ any mascara will do! I used the Smashbox Full Exposure mascara ($20). I’m not really committed to this mascara, but It did the job.


To complete the whole look, I used Tarte Sheer Berry tinted lip pencil ($24) to add a little extra flush to my face.



…and that’s it!

Have a fantastic October! I shall write to all of you guys soon.

As always,

Thanks for reading!


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