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So I’ve gotten several requests to do a special skincare post for guys. Skincare is for everyone (after all, we all have skin) and I know a lot of guys secretly care about their complexion, even if their skin is in fairly good shape.

There are just so many skincare products out there and some have certain fragrances that most men probably won’t go for. Luckily, there are some amazing unisex and men-geared skin care products that I have personally gifted and know work quite well.

There are three main brands that I always fall back on for guys: Jack Black, Anthony, and Clinique for Men. Now there are certainly more products out there, but i am most familiar with these brands and can safely recommend each one of their products back on experience.

My first few picks are from JACK BLACK, a company which has made a pretty substantial name for itself as a line specifically catered to men. There is no overt-feminine fragrance, the products are of fantastic quality and the packaging mimics old, classic, luxury barber shops.

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Jack Black provides an extensive line of moisturizers, cleansers, shaving products and facial scrubs. For dry skin, I would highly recommend their moisturizers and “Face Buff” energizing scrub. This scrub aids in getting an an easier, closer shave as it clears congested pores, smoothing the surface of the skin.

The cleansers are a great, routine product, essential to apply everyday for healthy, lively skin. Jack Black products usually range from $8-50, and they have some nice starter kits available as well if you would like to sample their products and get a feel for what you like the most.



Anthony products are not too dissimilar from the Jack Black collection, except this particular company has a heavier focus on natural products. Formerly known as Anthony Logistics For Men, Anthony skin care “fuses natural ingredients with advanced technology for extraordinary results. This naturally sourced system offers myriad benefits for personal grooming — from skin care, to shaving, to bath and body”

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I personally have used the moisturizers and cleansers and can honestly say these products are of some of the highest quality. I really like their “Deep Pore Cleansing Clay” made with Kaolin, which Absorbs excess oil as well as Bentonite (tightens pores), Apricot Kernel Oil (Softens skin without leaving an oily film), and Calendula/ Aloe Vera (helps heal, calm/ soothe skin).

I don’t think you can go wrong with this line. The products have about the same price range as Jack Black skincare but have an added plus in that a portion of the proceeds of each product goes to charities dedicated to increasing awareness (and the ultimate elimination) of prostate cancer as a health risk for men.



Lastly, CLINIQUE for MEN. Now Clinique is a GIANT in the cosmetic world, and I’ve heard many good things about their men’s collection. If you go onto the CLINIQUE website, they list out very easily what products are suitable for which skin type, whether you have oil prone, dry or combination skin.

I bought my dad the moisturizer and cleanser from CLINIQUE and he uses it all the time. So I guess you can say it’s “Dad Approved”, and the products are priced about the same as the previous companies mentioned.


If you want to really look amazing, it’s time to invest in these products that have gotten a million rave reviews. Here are three “After-Shave” gels/lotions that I highly recommend:

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(Each range around $50)

First off, all three lotions smell masculine and look incredibly modern. I think these are just one of those products that make you feel like you can conquer the world after you shave. The little extra-effort put into your shave routine I PROMISE will be appreciated by others ;).

If you have any more requests/questions, feel free to send them to me. I’m always looking for new inspiration.

Thanks guys!


2 thoughts on “SKINCARE FOR MEN

  1. Oh jackee’…… glad you thought of us boys! Read the whole post and will look into your suggestions……hope to see you soon darling…..Auntie David

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