Hello lovely people,

I’ve missed writing to you guys! I’m finally settled back at my University and so far this year has been going pretty well- I really can’t complain. Over the past month, I’ve found some great products that have served me well- so as per usual, I’ll get right into the goods!

1.) It’s a 10! Miracle Hair mask ($30)

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 11.29.26 PM

I just wrote about this little product in my last post- I actually just bought another one. This hair mask is to be used in the shower, after you wash your hair. I typically will leave this product in for around 5 minutes before rinsing and I can immediately notice the conditioning power after use. I’ve been growing out my hair for some time now and because of that, I have to provide extra attention to the ends of my hair that frequently get dry. This hair mask helps in restoring that needed moisture and keeps my follicles nourished throughout my growing process.

2.) NARS Satin Lip Pencil ($25)


There’s nothing new here- if you’re into makeup, chances are you’ve tried one of these pencils. What I really wanted to focus on is not so much the silky formulation or the great lasting power, but the pigmentation. One of my favorite lip colors is a combination of coral, beige and brown- The NARS pencil in Isola Bella is the PERFECT match to this favorite combination. I brought several of these and I just can not get enough!


3.) Givenchy: Ange ou Demon Le Secret ($61)


I have been looking for a new scent for a while. If you read any of my previous posts, you might know already that I normally wear the ELIZABETH and JAMES White Nirvana scent, but I really just wanted to change it up this year. This scent by Givenchy is exactly what I was looking for: something fresh and feminine yet with a slight edge. The main “note” in this solution is a Jasmine Tea scent, which has a rustic, floral fragrance. The only thing I’m not so excited about with this product is the packaging, but honestly, it smells so good, I don’t even care.

4. NARS nail color ($20)

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 8.58.32 PM

During the holiday season, I choose to buy the NARS polish in Versailles, a beautiful shimmery- gold varnish. I really started wearing this color A LOT this past month- it has a subtle shimmer and a rich, “Great Gatsby” looking shade to it. I’m always careful about using too much sparkle- for some reason, I’m just not into it, but this polish has a great shine balance that looks gorgeous on the nails without looking too tacky.

(Note: I forgot to take a picture of my nails with this polish, but take my word for it- it’s gorgeous.)

5.) Yves Saint Laurent
LA LAQUE COUTURE Nail Lacquer ($27)


I’ve talked about YSL polishes in almost every “Favorites” post- I’m determined to collect them all! They are just SUCH GOOD QUALITY. My newest color purchase is Vert D’orient- a forest-green color that glides perfectly onto the nail. The pigmentation in this formula can not be reviled. All in all, a reliable, fantastic buy.

6.) CHANEL Limited Edition Les 5 Ombres Eyeshadow palette ($80)


Ok, so I’m not gonna lie- this isn’t a perfect product. Normally Chanel can do no wrong, but I found the formulation of these shadows to be a little lacking. NONTHELESS, I love the colors and feel so classy wearing this product… is it a “must buy”? mmm.. no. BUT I don’t regret getting it and I have been wearing these shades basically all month.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 9.13.12 PM

7.) CHANEL Limited Edition Highlighter ($70)


Now this product is simply AMAZING. This highlighter is formulated in a soft, shimmery powder and is packaged elegantly. The powder glides and blends with great ease and though it is quite expense, I’m convinced it’s the best highlighter I’ve ever used!

8.) Stila “Eyes Are the Window” eyeshadow Palette ($50)


Stila recently came out with a collection of dynamic eyeshadow palettes, both including matte and shimmer shades. I purchased the “MIND” palette, which includes all earth-toned matte shadows and I find these gems to be of the highest quality- they are easily bendable, highly pigmented and have high- lasting power. The looks you can create with these pallets are dynamic and can flatter any eye color. I highly recommend picking up one of these pallets in the near future especially if you are a fan of the LORAC PRO palettes as I find that this product is just as workable but has less shadow fallout.


9.) Boscia: Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask ($32)


Since I live in New York where the weather is extremely cold this time of year, my skin really takes a hit. I get severe dry patches and I really needed a moisturizing product that wasn’t too oily (since I have sometimes oil- prone skin) and did the trick. This Boscia mask is EXACTLY that- it’s a night mask that deeply nourishes your skin so that when you wake up, your skin is soft and refreshed! The description on the Boscia website describes this product as a “signature, lightweight botanical blend of tsubaki oil (camellia oil), wakame (Japanese sea kelp), and rice bran oil that hydrates, smooths, and protects for the appearance of firm, youthful skin. Serine, an amino acid, locks in moisture, ensuring maximum hydration as you sleep. It acts as an antiaging moisturizer and preps skin for better absorption of products”

10.) PF Candle Co. Amber Jar Soy Candles: ($20)

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 9.25.29 PM

I wanted to throw a couple non-beauty favorites to change things up a little- I am OBSESSED with candles and this month, I have been burning a rustic Teakwood & Tobacco scented candle from Urban Outfitters by PF Candle Company. When I burn these candles, I am transported to a cosy- cabin in the mountains with a roaring fire. These candles are seriously a dream.

11.) Crystal Capsule Pendant


Another little trinket I got from Urban Outfitters is this crystal necklace that I have been wearing constantly. It’s a little gem that hangs on a long chain that I’ve been getting a ton of compliments on. It’s a statement piece but is still uniquely subtle.


Well that wraps up my January Favorites! What have you been into lately? Send me a message or comment down below, I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time, have a great February!


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