POLISHED PERFECTION: salon quality nails at home

H E Y !,

Nails are something, whether you realize it or not, people take notice of. Having strong, sculpted nails is a sign of good health and for the last couple years, I’ve been trying to give a little more attention to my nails. I’m a bit of a polish connoisseur, but you don’t need a pricy Saint Laurent polish to make your nails look good.

Here are my simple tips on how to get salon quality nails at home. Check it!

1.)  R E P A I R

You might be lucky enough to be born with perfect nails, but for the 99.999999% of us, nails need some management. If you have brittle nails that you wish to make stronger, I always suggest the trusty BIOTIN, a coenzyme with B  and H vitamins that naturally help build up your nails in a matter of weeks. This is great if you wish to grow your nails longer as well! You can get Biotin supplements at most stores at it is pretty inexpensive.


Need a little extra help growing out your nails? Try Rejuvacote, a clear nail coater that helps heal broken, cracked, or weak nails. I find that it noticeably aids in the process of growing out my nails in just a couple weeks. The first week you use this product, it is suggested that you apply it everyday, then slowly ease up on the amount applied. Rejuvacote can be found in most beauty supply stores and costs around $10.


2.) P R E P

Get rid of those cuticles!

For this, you can use any type of cuticle gel, but for me, I prefer to use natural coconut oil. Once moisturized into the nail bed, take a cuticle pusher and push back that extra layer of skin. (I like to wait about 30 secs after applying the coconut oil before I do this step).

Next, I like to clean up my nail beds with a cuticle trimmer, I prefer the one below rather than the cuticle trimmer that looks more like nail clippers- I just find it’s easier to use.


Then, simply file them up! I usually go for a more almond shape with my nails, but to each their own.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 3.52.17 PM

3.)  P O L I S H

Now… for the POLISH. Like I wrote before, you don’t always need the most expensive polish to make you nails look good. The key is to try your hardest to apply the polish cleanly, without too much mess. There’s no real way to make this process easier, other than practice although I find that if I grow out both my thumb nails, I can use those nail tips to clean up any polish that goes “outside the lines.”

4.) S H I N E

Some people prefer a matte finish, but for me, I’m really into shiny nails. I usually use the Rejuvacote clear polish listed above for this- it also helps the color pigment last longer, a nice, added bonus.

You really do not have to spend a lot of money in a salon to achieve gorgeous nails. Added a little extra effort to those nails really does pay off.

That’s all for now!,

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 12.19.54 AM

4 thoughts on “POLISHED PERFECTION: salon quality nails at home

  1. Great post! I’d never thought of using coconut oil on my cuticles, but will definitely be giving that a go. Also love the pinky/purple colour you’ve used xx

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