Hey lovely people,

It’s JULY and the Summer sun is shining down on all of us. With this glorious, heated season, it seems like everyone is trying to look like a tan Khaleesi with bronzed, glowing skin. Unfortunately, some have trouble achieving this look successfully (that is, without looking like an orange mess).

The key to achieving that beautiful glow (that also looks natural) is in using the right products. So ok, you have a little tan (good for you, I’m naturally as porcelain- white as ever so I usually have to work extra hard on this step), now how do you get that GLOW?

WELL, for starters…



The Summer Sun can be brutal on your skin, so a good moisturizer is absolutely necessary. I’ve been into this JOSIE MARAN Argan Oil treatment ($48) – it’s 100% organic, and great for sensitive/acne prone skin. Argan oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E, which does an amazing job nourishing even the driest of faces.



I wrote about this gem in my last monthly favorites post and it is a MUST HAVE for Summer. This WONDERGLOW primer from Charlotte Tilbury ($55), gives an incredible illuminating glow to the face. This transforms tired, dull skin into a dewy, glowing goddess complexion. By the way, this is the same primer Amal Clooney wore on here wedding! I’m telling you, this primer will make all the difference. In fact, it’s so fantastic, I just bought another.




A highlighter is also key to creating that “Khaleesi” look. This FILMSTAR BRONZE & GLOW palette ($68) by Charlotte Tilbury is one of the best highlighter/ bronzer combinations I have ever seen (Can you tell I’m on a Tilbury kick lately?)

Instead of rambling on about how to highlight, which I have explained too many times to count in other posts, I’ll leave you guys with this perfect tutorial by Charlotte Tilbury herself.


.. and that’s it! oh, and of course you don’t need the exact products I’ve mentioned above (except that primer, like I wrote is so awesome- I HIGHLY recommend getting it).

That’s all for today!- As always, thanks for reading,

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 12.19.54 AM


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