New in for Fall 2015 + OCTOBER FAVORITES

Hello, friends!,

I’m back after a couple of weeks of studying for midterms and endless essay writing induced headaches. This past month has been crazy busy, but I’ve enjoyed every moment of this lush fall weather. I have a nice bunch of fall favorites including some products that just recently launched this season. So, lets get on with it, eh?

1. ) Marc Jacobs Beauty: New Nudes Sheer Gel Lipstick ($30)


This magical little guy launched this season and is my new current favorite lip product- it’s a sheer formula that adds a very natural tint to the lips, suitable for all skin colors. What first drew me to this product was the perfect, minimalistic packagingp it is just so classy and compact. Plus, this lipstick has a slight vanilla scent that reminds me of cupcakes (mmm..). I purchased the color “Role Play,” a dusty rose shade that enhances my natural lip color. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this shade so far, it is just the right amount of color for day or night.


2. Charlotte Tilbury: Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotize ($39)


This new beauty product from the genius of Charlotte Tilbury is truly an amazing, versatile eyeshadow. I bought the mesmerizing color “Silver Leopard” that comes with the “Black Magic” coal pencil. This dramatic shade is a glittering gunmetal grey with great definition. The best aspect of this shade is how it can transform any eye color into being shockingly beautiful and hypnotic (hence the name). You simply glide on this shade on your eye and that’s it- no other shade needed! Check out the video below to get the full idea of what I’m writing about:

3.) Benefit: Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain ($30)


This lovely cheek and lip tint is not new to the market but this month is the first time I have picked it up for myself. I love two-for-one type products, and this stain is exactly what I was looking for. I love how the stain blends easily into the skin and adds the most natural color to both my cheeks and lips. The formula smells like rose argon oil too, one of my all time favorite scents.

4. BURBERRY: Light Glow – Natural Blush ($42)


If liquid blush stain isn’t your kind of deal, try the new Burberry blushes that just launched. Move aside NARS (my original blush favorite), these Burberry Blushes are perfection. They go on so naturally (and if you haven’t noticed, I’m really into the natural thing). The packaging is just as classy as the Marc Jacobs lipstick and the powder is extremely lightweight and blendable. What more could you ask for? (except maybe and cheaper price!)

5. COVER FX: Custom Cover Drops ($44)


Another newish product I tried this month was the Cover FX color drops which have been written about by bloggers everywhere. I recently picked up my shade (P20) at Sephora, after swatching at least 15 other shade on me. Color FX has 24 shades to choose from, though I have noticed that some people buy two shades and blend them together to find the right fit. I was lucky enough to fit P20 fairly well and found that the formula can be as light or as full coverage as you want depending on how many drops you use. I typically use one to two drops on my face (I don’t like too much product on my skin) and find that that is plenty. I like the weightlessness I feel with this product and I like that fact that if I do need a little extra coverage one day, I can easily just add another drop onto my face. All in all, a good product.



…and now for my absolute favorite product of the month: The Chanel “Lovely Beige” 663 nail color. I wish I took a picture of my nails with this on, but for some reason I neglected to. Take my word for it though, this color is the perfect nude shade. The formula is fantastic and the color is so incredibly shiny. Plus, all Chanel nail products are formaldehyde-free, toluene-free and DBP-free, a nice, added benefit. Check out the photo below (sorry, not my nails) to see how the color looks in real life:


7. SKYN Iceland: Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels ($15)

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 7.15.10 PM

SKYN Iceland is a new product line that I heard about only recently. At Ulta, I decided to try their Hydro eye cooling gels because I have been getting less and less sleep lately since I have been back at school. These little gels feel heavenly on my puffy eyes in the morning and though they don’t work miracles, I do see a slight difference after use. I recently picked up a few more of these gems and can honestly say, they are a new addition to my overall skincare routine. These gels are also all natural free of parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, chemical sulfates and phthalates- they are100% vegan and cruelty-free as well.

Now for a little non- beauty favorites for fall:

8. U.O: PF Candle Co. Amber Jar Soy Candle


So I am an absolute candle addict, and Urban Outfitters seems to always suck me into buying more. These two candles in “Spruce” and “Spiced Pumpkin” are two of my golden scents for fall and winter. In fact, “Spruce” is lit right now as I’m writing this piece! The packaging is also wonderful (I’m a sucker for good packaging if you couldn’t already tell).



I am very much into home design and I’m actually thinking of devoting a whole post to some of my favorite pieces on the market right now. I love this minimalistic light from SCHOOLHOUSE ELECTRIC & SUPPLY CO. and it’s currently on my “to get” list for my room (along with a million other wares).


Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 7.29.10 PM

Refinery 29 is my new favorite website (not sponsored I swear 😉 )- it is great for someone like me who is obsessed with beauty, fashion and culture. I get countless inspiration from this site, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll love it too. Some of my favorite bloggers are featured on here as well, which is how I came to discover this site. Ugh, I just love it.

Well that’s it for my October Favs! Write to you soon, lovely.



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