Reflection: A Tribute to my Lovely Mother

A tribute to a lovely person: my beautiful mother, Donelle.

As a young, millennial 21 year old girl, I have learned more than ever the importance of having a strong relationship with my mother. My mother is the closest person to me and knows more about me than most, probably more than anyone. She is the one person who I can talk to about serious situations in my life or just silly things like how annoying the person sitting in back of us at a restaurant is with the horrendous, Kardashian- esque vocal fry.

The picture above is my favorite picture of my mom from her days living in Los Angeles, California with my dad in the 80s. I always admired her relationship with my dad- they are truly perfect souls matched together by some sort of magic. They have loved each other since high school- it’s pretty amazing. Whenever I’m home, I can see the love they have for each other as they sit in the two large leather chairs in the living room, listening to music and simply enjoying each other’s company. Although I am the complete opposite, constantly crushing on so many people at once and never picturing myself settling down, I can appreciate how long they’ve been together. I’m almost jealous. No wait, I am completely jealous- I mean, only the very select few can find a love like that.

These past few years, being in college and growing faster than all the years before that, I have realized how much I rely on my mother. She is the most understanding, most generous person and it’s even more important that she is a women (because then she can help me with lady problems haha). Seriously though, it’s important as a young girl to be close to such a nurturing woman figure.

My mom does everything she can to make sure I have a happy life- From being the mediator in arguments I may have with other people in my family or looking out for my health, my mom does it all. She does not judge me either, which just goes to show how greatly loving she really is.

When I was in high school, I had a particularly hard time. I was constantly sick with a stomach ache and had horrible confidence and anxiety issues- my mom helped me through it all. She took me to countless doctors and helped me every way she could. When we found out I was allergic to wheat and dairy, my mom went full force, becoming intrigued with nutrition and non- inflammatory diets. She became enamored with Paleo lifestyle cook books and set my whole family on a new revamped, lifestyle. Only my mom would put in all that effort just for me.

Now, I still struggle at times, but I know I can get through anything with my mom by my side. I can’t thank my mom enough for all she is done and continues to do. I just love coming home and smelling her delicious stew simmering and seeing my mom with a cup of tea, reading a book on the iPad. Little things like that are priceless to me. As I am getting older now, I know that I will be moving away soon, out of college and beyond. I cherish every small moment I have with my lovely mother even more now that I am soon to be moving on to a new stage in my life- I love you mom, you are everything to me.




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