STYLE: Jewels for Every Budget

Hello beautiful people,

I  usually do not dive into style on this blog, but why not start? Lately, I have been accumulating some goods for the new year and thought of putting together a little board of gems for every budget. I’ll start with the cheaper items and work from there~ Let’s get on with it, shall we?


J E W E L S:

As far as jewelry, I typically go for more earthy gems or minimalist, geometric designs- With that said, here are my latest picks for every budget:

Under $50: 

ZARA ($7.99)

You can never have too many long, minimalist necklaces. This pick from ZARA has just enough interest yet makes a simple statement.

Nasty Gal ($38)

Lariat necklaces have been insanely popular this past year. This gem from Nasty Gal gives off a modern, vampire-eque vibe that adds interest, especially to lower cut tops.

ASOS ($14)

Earthy ring sets are my absolute favorites. A layered ring look gives any simple look a bohemian flair.

Urban Outfitters ($32)

For the low maintenance chick who wants to look fancy in a flash, wear a statement gem. This  bib necklace looks way more lux than the price. The best part about this kind of gem is that you can immediately dress up a T shirt just by wearing it.

Free People ($32)

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 3.30.32 PM.png
This bohemian wrist band is delicate with a vintage flair. This bracelet has incredible, intricate details with unique, geometric metal cut pieces.

Vanessa Mooney ($45)

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 3.35.01 PM.png
Vanessa Mooney always knows how to craft some of the most unique, bohemian pieces. This colorful earth gem includes antique gold and solar quartz.


Over $50 – Under $100

Vanessa Mooney ($75)

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 3.39.00 PM.png
Another Mooney piece (one of my all time favorite brands)- This gem is long, with great detail including Turquoise howlite, antique gold and brass leaf fringe.

Anthropologie ($78)

A statement earring helps elongate the face while adding allure. These dainty hoops from Anthropologie are not too “in your face” (literally) yet add great interest.

Marc Jacobs ($88)

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 3.48.14 PM.png
Who said designer brands have to be out of reach? Marc Jacobs creates fantastic mainstream products that are far more accessible.


Venessa Arizaga $95

Yes, this is a high-end bracelet made of little donut pendents. This, in fact, does exist.



Over $100 – Under $250

Free People ($228)

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 4.04.27 PM.png
This piece is delicately handmade and even signed and dated by the artist. It is crafted with labradorite stone and include a beautiful silver mesh.

RILA ($150)

RILA crafts gems seemingly straight from the set of Game of Thrones. This hand chain is no exception, looking like something fit for a queen (or Khaleesi).


Adorn Milk ($148)

Have you ever seen a bracelet quite like this? This bracelet is made by using a mixture of free form resins and additives, making each piece truly unique.

Anthropologie ($158)

Zodiac gems add a personalized touch to any jewel collection. These diamond zodiac necklaces are truly gorgeous and simplistically dainty.



Vanessa Mooney ($245)

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 4.22.00 PM.png
Native inspired, handcrafted chokers are another favorite of mine. This particular chocker is made with Nepali brass and turquoise brands/heshi. Additionally, this beauty comes with a gold chain and silver pyrite.



Over $200 and up

Free People ($410)

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 4.26.17 PM.png
This bib necklace features natural, raw crystals and tiered metal fringe. A truly original piece of artisty that is sure to start a conversation.

CHLOÉ ($560)

This cuff is pure luxury, made in Italy with fine gold and pearl. It is versatile and has an exceptional, clean aesthetic.


HLSK $300

Upgrade your black, plastic chocker from the early 2000s for this grown- up piece from HLSK. Made with 24 Karet Gold plating with a moonstone inlaid touch.


Saint Laurent ($295)

This simple band is a YSL signature piece that will always be a classic. Simple, elegant and worth every penny (and that’s a lot of pennies).

LANVIN ($490)

There is a definite tassel trend going on as of late- These bold earrings from LANVIN are head-turners and crafted to perfection.

Alexander McQueen ($395)

Feeling rebellious? This scull necklace by fashion King McQueen is so badass, crafted with hard brass and silver.


No matter what budget, you can always find your dream piece. For me, I’m a sucker for statement pieces, minimalist geometrics and earth gems. Stay tuned for more fashion uploads- until then, write to you later!


Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 12.19.54 AM

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