Hello again, pretty people!

Lately I have been absolutely swamped in classes, but it is my final semester of college ever so I can’t really complain. The last month and a half I have (once again) accumulated some special gems that are too good not to pass along.

Without me blabbing too much, I’m just going to get right on with it!

1.) Burberry Eyeshadow: Pale Barley No. 102 ($29)


Yes, this is a single eyeshadow and yes, it is nearly $30, but let me at least explain to you why it is completely worth it! 1.) This color, (no matter what skin color), is going to give you a natural, silky eye and depth with its buttery, subtle pigment in pale brown. 2.) Like I just wrote, this color is absolutely universal. I like to use it almost as a contour, adding it to my crease to give the illusion of a wider eye. 3.) THE PACKAGING! I remember looking into cosmetics of the 1940s and lusting over how sturdy and gorgeous the packaging used to be. Burberry brings back the old, classic quality, really nailing the packaging here. I can tell you firsthand, not only this product gorgeous but durable… I accidentally dropped it twice with no shadow fall out!


2.) GLAMGLOW PLUMPRAGEOUS™ Matte Lip Treatment ($24)


This little guy I picked up on a total whim. Sephora does this thing where they display new launches at the front of the store in a magical display that gets me every time. I picked up this product in one of those displays without really knowing anything about the product other than it was by GLAMGLOW, which sells fantastic (but super pricy) skincare products.

I’m usually not a big fan of plumping products, just because my lips are sensitive but this guy WORKS. It does tingle a little when first applied, but leaves you with a subtle plump and gorgeous shine to the lips that lasts. It is definitely the best plumper I have ever tried, and that says a lot!


3.) Julep Love Your Bare Face Hydrating Cleansing Oil: ($28)


Korean skincare has really become more mainstream over the last year or so in America, and this Julep product proves why. This makeup remover does one of the best jobs of removing even the hardest, waterproof mascara. I used to use makeup wipes to remove makeup and was shocked to find that most of the time I was only removing the very surface, leading to constant, clogged pores. This Julep remover digs down deep but is extremely gentle and does an A+ job at cleansing the skin.


4.) TONYMOLY I’m Real Mask Sheet: ($4)


Speaking of Korean skincare, these TONYMOLY masks have been doing wonders for my skin. They are super cheap and come in various forms, depending on your skin issue. I personally love using the moisturizing mask made with Aloe and the Lemon Brightening mask. These little gems are all natural and are incredibly soothing to the skin.


5.) Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Booster: ($46)


After receiving a small sample of this as a Sephora perk, I knew I had to get it for real. Since the weather has been so cold where I live, I have been getting major dry patches on my skin. This Seaberry skin booster is THE PERFECT product that IMMEDIATELY works without making skin oily. I love the luscious, subtle scent and how fast- acting it is. This baby is also antioxidant-rich, made with concentrated oils and extracts “specifically designed to be mixed with face and eye creams for amplified protection and nourishment”.


6.) Origins Out Of Trouble™ 10 Minute Mask To Rescue Problem Skin: ($26)

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.54.56 PM.png


Detoxifying the skin every once in a while is crucial, and when you don’t have a lot of time to sit around and let a face mask sink in, try this ORIGINS product. Great for acne- prone skin or just congested skin in general, this product has been working so well for my skin. The product itself glides on smoothly and does not take long to work… just 10 minutes!

7.) CHANEL Rose Infusion Nail Laquer: ($30)


Ok, so I have to say, I don’t really get the “Rose” part of this nail polish at all- I think Chanel missed the boat a little on the naming. What it is though, is the most brilliant silver with an iridescent sheen. I have never quite worn a polish this dynamic, so I love it but as for the “rose” part… well, I think they tried to formulate the pigment with a slight rose tint, but honestly, I don’t see it.


On a side note…


Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.55.56 PM.png

Unfortunately, this gem is no longer available but I figured it deserved a mention because I have been wearing it pretty much constantly. It is fantastic quality and looks much more expensive than is- or was (I think it was around $25).

9.) Calvin Klein pocket book:

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.55.42 PM.png

I have always been into minimalistic wares and this simple, leather Calvin Klein pocket- book is such a classic. I have been getting a ton of ware out of this guy and use it to hold my most important belongings. The quality is really commendable, especially since I take this with my EVERYWHERE and it has yet to show any signs of ware.


That wraps up last month’s favs!

Thanks as always for reading, lovely!







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