“BAKING” Foundation: A Beginner’s Guide

Hello again, lovely!,

Wow, it has been a hot minute since I posted anything. As per usual, I’m swamped with college work and my “senioritis” is not helping my whole situation. So to make up for it, I come to you with a fantastic life hack: how to keep your face matte without constantly applying powder to your face every hour. I used to find that no matter how posh the powder I used was, I would still get shiny, especially on my T-zone. Then I realized, it wasn’t the product I was using, but how I was using the product!

With that being said, I wanted to write real briefly about the wonderful world of “baking” your makeup, a term (fun fact) actually coined by drag queens. YAS. Anyways, “baking” your face is a term for simply dabbing loose powder under the eyes and on the “T-Zone” of the face and letting it sit or “bake” onto those areas. This simple method keeps the face oil free for a surprisingly long amount of time (much more than if you were to just brush powder onto the face).

Below are the simple “baking” steps to follow (I’m telling you, if you get shiny like me,  this will change everything):


Before applying anything to your lovely face, make sure it is well- cleansed and moisturized! What have I been using lately? Glad you asked! Lately, I have been really liking the BLISS “Fabulous” face cleanser ($22), mainly because it really strips the grime off my face while being gentle enough for my sensitive skin. While for moisturizer, I’ve been trying out the Shiseido IBUKI Refining Moisturizer ($45), and have found it to be very pleasant and fast- acting.




Apply foundation/ CC, BB,DD creme, or tinted moisturizer. For this, use whatever it is you are most comfortable with. I’m still toying with the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation ($62) that I received at the end of last year and really enjoying it. The smooth application and natural finish to the product is something I’ve been particularly loving.


STEP 3: Conceal!

For this step, conceal like crazy. Find one that you like and apply it generously to the needed areas. I still go for the URBAN DECAY Naked Skin concealer ($28) that it seems like every beauty blogger known to man has raved about.




Now for the fun part. Get out one of those amazing Beauty Blenders and dab a liberal amount of loose, translucent powder over the concealed areas. For this, I have been using Laura Mercier’s translucent loose- setting powder ($38), but of course any loose powder is fine. Now, here is the IMPORTANT part. Let that loose powder sit for 5-10 minutes onto the face before dusting it away. This is crucial because you want the natural heat of your face to absorb the powder (that’s why it’s called BAKING!)




For the last step, simply dust off any excess product. There! It’s done! Now enjoy your beautiful oil- free face!


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Write to you soon!


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