Interior Essentials: 5 Key Elements

I’ve never been the type to hang band posters on hot- pink walls alongside a bed dressed in a gigantic purple comforter, a common staple growing up through the early 2000s. I have always had a different feel for interior design and my own style has evolved quite a bit lately with a new found appreciation for minimalist wares. Below I have selected five staple items that define my interior aesthetic that can transform a space through functional design. (By the way,  I’m in the process of moving into the city, so I have yet to post any personal room selections, but once I am settled in, I will be sure to create an updated design post with my future room presentation.)

1. C L E A N  +  M O D E R N   F U R N I T U R E


I lust over any piece furnished with clean lines and modern artistry. I tend to be attracted to mid- century modern and Scandinavian- style wares that have interesting angles and clean, minimalist edges. I think investing in just one or two unique pieces like this can totally transform an area from a standard living space to an updated, living sanctuary.


2.    F R A M E D  A R T W O R K


I think the easiest element to add to any room is some form of two- dimensional art. I love the look of showcasing various prints in a simple, matte black frame and arranging them in a way that creates a sense of balance. Prints are also easily accessible and tend to be fairly inexpensive yet adds a feel of luxury to any space.


3.  F U R (faux)


Mongolian- lamb fur has been seen in countless Instagram posts with its feathered texture and gorgeous, natural tone. I love a nice fur throw (faux of course)- it adds comfort and class to any space, whether it be in the form of a throw, pillow or rug.


4. L I N E N   D U V E T


If there is one think you should splurge on, it’s the comfort of your bed. Getting a relaxed, quality made linen duvet is a needed element to any bedroom. I love the clean- line look of it and the ultimate durability. I’m really loving the look of a muted charcoal- gray color fabric or pure white linen.


5. M A R B L E


I couldn’t end a list of room essentials without at least mentioning the coveted look of pure marble. Marble has risen in popularity drastically the last couple years and is now the staple of almost every modern space. You can easily get the impression of marble without spending hundreds of dollars on a marble counter- top. A simple marble side tray is enough to add a bit of modern flair- they even make marble phone cases and laptop covers!


It is so crucial to create a living space that harvests a sense of calm living and functionality. These five essentials can give any space a comfortable, cozy feel with a modern edge.


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