New York Snapshots + December Beauty Favorites

Hello friends!,

Happy almost new year! I feel like my time in New York so far has flown by and now I can officially say I’ve been here for a solid 4 months… weird. I’m not a full blown New Yorker yet but sometimes I definitely feel like one- I get annoyed at flocking mobs of tourists and I know where every train goes so that counts for something, right?

Anyways, I couldn’t be more ready for the new year. I think everyone benefits from the optimistic hope each new year brings and seeing how the consensus is that 2016 sucked for a plethora of reasons, 2017 is very much welcomed. For me, I can’t complain too much. After all, I now live in the beautiful concrete jungle of Manhattan, trying to figure out what I exactly want to do with my post- college education self.

Below, I’ve included some little snapshots of my adventures in the city along with a few of my December beauty favorites. Enjoy!

B E A U T Y    F A V O R I T E S

1.) GIVENCHY Interdit Vinyl Color Enhancing Lipstick: 16 Noir Revelateur ($33)

Infused with black rose oil, GIVENCHY has managed to make the most unique lip product I have ever used. This lip product seemingly looks black by first glance, but it actually applies more sheer and melts into each lip color , enhancing your natural tint. The formulation also has a slight plumping effect and additionally adds a beautiful shine. The applicator is also absolutely gorgeous, packaged in a thick, glossy case with a subtle ribbon at the end.

2.)  MILK MAKEUP Holographic Stick ($28)


MILK Makeup is that new “cool girl” product line that has been showing up in stores like Urban Outfitters and talked about with millennial bloggers (I guess this includes me!) This holographic highlighter has the most unique tint of lavender which actually works oddly well with every skin tone. The best way to apply this gem is by patting it onto the skin with your fingers in the areas you wish to have a little more illumination. Don’t be hesitant about the galactic tint of the highlighter because like I said, it actually works well as a natural highlighter, giving you that extra added dimension to your base.

3.) TOM FORD cream and powder duo in “Golden Peach” $62


Nothing shocking here, TOM FORD’s products are always great (and they’d better be for the price!) Although, this cream and powder duo is not just great, it’s insanely great. I purchased the duo in the shade “Golden Peach” which is a color that I have never really seen in a shadow with its unique, highlighted- cognac pigment. The packaging is minimal and efficient, with a soft shimmer powder on top and the luscious, whipped cream shadow on the bottom. If you treat yourself to this, you will not regret it.

4.) Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder: $38


Being one with an oily t-zone, baking has become my best friend. A good loose powder is an absolute necessity and finding a light but effective product is important. This classic Laura Mercier product is everything you could ever want in a powder- good quality, feathered consistency, and decent packaging. This translucent powder is also made for any skin tone, from very fair to very deep.

5.) Marc Jacobs Beauty: Cover(t) stick color corrector ($42)

2016 was the year of color correcting with every brand pulling out their own version of CC products. This Marc Jacobs corrector is by far my favorite with a marbled pigmented stick that dissolves the look of deep, purple circles and inflammation around the eyes. I find it best to use this product underneath concealer, using my finger to pat the formula underneath. It makes that slight difference that really elevates your base, and is especially helpful for those late nights filled with cheap wine (not that I know anything about that).

6.) Yves Saint Laurent: Mascara volume Faux cils ($32) in “Purple 4” ($32)


2016 also seems to be the year of more daring color play, specifically with mascaras. I particularly like YSL’s version because it is more subdued yet gives you a hint of color which can enhance your natural eye pigment. For someone like me with blue/grey eyes, this burgundy tinted mascara is gorgeous. It isn’t too much of a heavy statement, but gives the eyes way more dimension.

7.) Shiseido: ultimate power infusing concentrate ($64)


This lovely serum by Shiseido is one of my all time favorites because it is incredibly gentle with a light application yet makes the skin so soft and luminous. I apply a little drop before bed and let it sink in while sleeping. Packed with ultimune complex which protects, strengthens, and maintains healthy-looking skin as well as the “botanical power blend” of Gingko, Biloba Leaf Extract, Shiso, and Thyme, this gem is like a vitamin shot for the skin.


That’s all for now! Make sure to check on back to my page for more life updates and posts. Thank you so much for reading and I wish all of you the most magical new years yet.




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