Winter Lip Solutions

I’m currently listening to Angel Olsen and draining my pores with Glam Glow’s Mud Mask (which can sting like crazy but does the trick like no other) while thinking of a new, endearing topic for my next blog post. With the craziness of trying to figure out my life and living down the magical rabbit-hole of NYC, I have been lagging a bit on consistent posts. Nonetheless, I am here! I am ready to talk too, although I’ve honestly have had trouble justifying blogging about which YSL nail color is best when so much hostility and frustration is circulating amongst the violent, volcanic explosion that is our political climate.

I would be lying if I said that I haven’t had constant political anxiety from the election and I am obviously not the only one. To make matters more apparent, I live in one of the main hubs of political protests, which is absolutely amazing but is also unsettling that such acts are necessary. Though I am suffocated by the political heat of the time, I do not want to put my page aside. I have to come back to why I started this blog in the first place- to spread my love of all things beautiful. It is a nice little getaway from facebook debates and divided politics. Though staying informed is absolutely necessary and crucial to creating any useful change, I have decided that sometimes it is nice to just talk about good old simple things… like LIP PRODUCTS! WOOT WOOT.

Anyways, going off from my massive tangent, I would love to share my current favorite lip routine to maintain healthy, moisturized lips in the dead of winter. No matter what the political climate is, everyone gets dry lips in the colder months! So here we go (and I’m done ranting… for now.)

S I M P L E    D R Y    L I P   R O U T I N E  /  F A V O R I T E S :


The key to mastering the lush, moisturized lip is to first scrub off any dead skin that is surfacing on top of the lip. The lip is one of the most sensitive areas of the face so take extra care and make sure not to scrub too vigorously. Simply use gentle motions, taking a small size amount of scrub onto the lip. My go-to store bought lip scrub in FRESH Sugar Lip Polish ($24) which is formulated with pure brown sugar and preps the lips with its balance of oil and exfoliant.

Don’t have time to go to the store? Try making your own scrub out of common items like sugar or ground coffee (this can sometimes get messy though). Make sure to blend your exfoliant with natural oils like grapeseed or coconut.  Mix all together and there you go! It does not last as long as buying a scrub but it is the most natural and accessible.



This seems like a no- brainer but it is important to pick a moisturizer that is suitable for you- My current favorite lip product is the Dr. Nipple Lip Balm ($15). It was originally formulated as a nipple balm for new mothers but has since been embraced by makeup artists as one of THE BEST lip repair creams ever created. Plus, it is 100% natural and is completely odorless/ tasteless. I suggest applying the balm right after exfoliation at the beginning of applying your makeup for the day if you choose to do so. Immediately, your lips are coated in a non-sticky layer of healing balm that repairs even the most dry of lips.

Want more balm and over all creme picks? Here is an older link to my last favorite moisturizer picks for winter  Moisturizer pick: Best for Winter for some more options!


If you wish to have a more mattified lip look but still want moisturized lips, make sure to apply the balm several minutes before applying your desired lip stick. You can also lightly pat the balm into the lips to gently sink the product in without such a thick, glossy stain.

As far as my current choice for the most moisturizing lipstick, look no further than the coveted BITE Beauty lip sticks ($20-$30) that come in a variety of flawless shades. BITE Beauty has been killing the game on all lip products with its paraben, sulfate free formulas and fantastic wear.



I couldn’t end a moisturized lips blog post without mentioning one of the holy grail products of the past year, the BITE Beauty Agave Lip Mask ($26) which gives a glowing natural tint to the lips while keeping them hydrated all day. The formulation is packed full of nutrients like Resveratrol which acts as an antioxidant equivalent to 15 glasses of red wine and good ol’ Jojoba oil that hydrates/ heals skin. It is such a fantastic buy, you can not go wrong.



With exfoliation and solid moisturizing products, your winter lips will be healed in no time at all. Stop by my little site again for updates and more favorites (maybe a few more rants too).

As always, thanks for stopping by!,






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